FREE Stuff: 2017 ICD-10 Medical Coding Reference

We probably should have put this up at the beginning of the year, unfortunately it got buried. Here is a Medical Coding website for icd10. We do not know whether they are going to update to 2018. Here is what they say takes the official ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS medical codes and adds millions of cross … [Read more...]

Customer Service and Body Language

What does your body language say about you? How does your body language transmit to your co-worker and patients? In these times of texting, messaging, Facebooking, Snapchatting, we may forget how important communication is face to face. That does not just include words and tone of voice, it includes your whole body. This is what we know: … [Read more...]

What is Revenue Cycle Management?

Managing insurance claim reimbursements is a time-consuming, error-prone task. To help optometric practices manage claims more effectively, many companies that offer claim management solutions also offer revenue cycle management services. But, what is revenue cycle management anyways? For optometric practices struggling to work insurance claims … [Read more...]

Billing And Coding Training From

With celebrating over 20 years in service in business, we thought it was time we share a very important and hopefully money saving resource has over 135 training products including sample coding exams, recorded video training, and our complete, 80-hour Coding Certification Prep Course. The new … [Read more...]

Eyecare Billing Tips to Avoid Claim Denials

Visionweb's blog had a few great reminders on eyecare Billing Tips to Avoid Denials on insurance claims. Denials are costly and time consuming, so read this tips to save both time and money.  Your practice relies on insurance claims to generate revenue. However, common errors are resulting in denied claims, wasted time, and lost revenue. It’s … [Read more...]

Case Study in Direct Pay Practice

I wonder what would happen if eyecare professionals would just say no! Listen to this video of Josh Umbehr MD in Wichita, Kansas who discusses working directly with his patients. By cutting out the insurance and government bureaucrats he has lowered the cost for the patients and increases the quality of care they receive. Presentation from … [Read more...]

Steps To Shopping for Optical Software At Vision Expo East

Many offices will be at Vision Expo looking at, evaluating, testing and shopping for optical software. VisionWeb offers several excellent guidelines including their excellent ebook  The Ultimate Optometry Software Buying Guide. They ran a post on on How to Profile Your Practice before Shopping for Optical Software which we strongly recommend … [Read more...]

Shamir Relax Is Now Available Through VSP

San Diego, CA – September 2015 – Shamir Insight, Inc. announces that their fatigue relief Freeform® design, RelaxTM, geared toward the millennial generation, is now available through VSP. RelaxTM is designed for patients who suffer from eyestrain associated with prolonged accommodation. Shamir RelaxTM is available to order for VSP patients … [Read more...]

Health Insurance Premium Subsidies May Expose Employers to Hefty Fines

As of July 1, 2015, a new IRS regulation subjects all businesses (including small businesses with at least two employees) that reimburse or subsidize the cost of individual health insurance policies for employees to significant potential penalties for noncompliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Violators could face penalties of $100 … [Read more...]

Should You Take Vision Insurance?

There has been some interesting threads on Facebook forums about taking vision insurance. It is also a trend to stop taking any type of insurance altogether. As all doctors are becoming fed up with the cost associated with insurance, many are going to concierge type of practice and or quit taking insurance at all. What I find interesting is that … [Read more...]

The Vision Council Holds Annual Capitol Hill Fly-In

Meetings held with various elected officials, discussing legislative & regulatory issues of priority to the industry Alexandria, VA (July, 2015) – Joined by representatives from various member companies, The Vision Council held its annual Government and Regulatory Affairs Capitol Hill Fly-In highlighting its ongoing efforts to bridge … [Read more...]

Electronic Claim Filing: 7 Facts about ICD-10

The October 1st implementation date for ICD-10 is approaching faster than you think, and it will undoubtedly bring with it some changes for your eyecare practice and electronic claim filing processes. While many people fear change, we want to urge you to be open to the changes ICD-10 will bring to your practice. The new code set is designed to … [Read more...]

Understanding Primary Insurance with Medicare

Shane Shepherd is new to the VisionWeb team, and he brings with him tons of billing, coding, and claims processing experience from years of working with eyecare practices. You'll be seeing a lot more of him on the blog dropping all kinds of insurance related knowledge! Today, he is going to talk about a common question that he gets about primary, … [Read more...]

PQRS Fact Sheet for Optometry Office Software

The Physician Quality Reporting System, otherwise known as PQRS, is a voluntary reporting program that provides incentive payments to eligible professionals (EPs) who report data on quality measures within their practice. This program promotes the opportunity for EPs to assess and report on the overall quality of care they are providing to … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Keeping Your Practice HIPAA Compliant

With employees in and out of your practice and new technologies on the rise, maintaining HIPAA compliance in all aspects of your business gets harder and harder. Keeping up with HIPAA requirements isn't going anywhere soon, if anything, it will likely continue to get harder. That's why we think it's important to have a plan of attack for … [Read more...]