Dealing With Trifling Things

This was my Saturday morning laugh! Shirley was not laughing- Here she is making her infamous Trifle for a dinner party! But I love her facial expression. How do you deal with trifling things? Here are the questions, I always ask myself and others: Is this a life threatening situation? Is this important in the scheme of life? Is this … [Read more...]

Employee Time Thieves

The other day at the dermalogist, the staff sat there on a personal phone call, at the 7-11 the clerk ignored me while on a personal phone call. As a consumer- I hate that- we pay higher prices due to lost productively, as a manager- it annoys me to no end that my staff is conducting personal business on my dime. Eye Bogglers The Boston … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned Over a Lifetime

Understandably, it seems most of us are focused on one subject these days – the current tough economic times. But as our leaders and financial experts’ debate solutions, this may be a good time for the rest of us to step back and examine the guiding principals by which we lead our lives. Unlike the economic crisis, over which we individually may … [Read more...]

Cost of Bad Hires

I wish it was so easy to fire someone!  The last person I hired took 4 months to 'unhire' and about 60 hours in documentation, meetings and lost productivity. That doesn't even count the hours of lost sleep, plus all the extra time I put in to do her job! Unfortunately, in a moment of frustration, I forgot the phrase 'Hire Slow, Fire Fast.' If you … [Read more...]

Good Reads For Optical Blog Readers – OWA Recommendation

Attention Optical Women Continuing our recommended Good Reads for Optical Blog Readers  - I have one from the Optical Women's Association (OWA). Those of you who are members of the OWA will already have this book as it is their 2009 book selection on a business topic, with the intention of supporting members' professional and personal success. … [Read more...]

Optical Organization- Getting Things Done

Shirley and I were discussing the other day, how we just can't seem to get our daily lists completed. We need to reorganize and prioritize better our daily activities. Does this happen to you? It's a great thing, to be busy, but if we fall behind and things fall through the cracks, we lose money, lose time, and become totally stressed out! I think … [Read more...]

De-Clutter and Increase Optical Profits

  Research shows there is a direct correlations between productivity and clutter. The more clutter, the more chaos, the less productivity and profits. The National Association of Professional Organization states that paper clutter is the No. 1 problem for most businesses.  The average person wastes 4.3 hours per week searching for … [Read more...]

Lessons From Jimmy Buffett

"If we couldn't laugh we'd all go insane" I was never a big Jimmy Buffett fan until I read his book - A Pirate Looks At Fiftya book I highly recommend to anyone at any age. Jimmy Buffett reviews his life and adventures- and to tell you the truth I envy his spontaneous, fun-loving soul. He lives life to the fullest and is engaged in the business … [Read more...]

Leading the Way in the Optical Workplace

I am a frequent flier and I like to read the airline magazines as they often have interesting articles and help pass the time. Southwest Airlines April, 2009 Spirit Magazine has a good article by Stephen R. Covey who wrote The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. In this article, from his newest book, The Leader in Me, he writes about … [Read more...]

Do’s and Don’ts of Email Writing

Email, VoiceMail, Texting, Cell Phone- we are just inundated with communication. One of my pet peeves is long rambling- no get to the point emails. I don't know about you, but sometimes it seems that people would rather email or text rather than just picking up the phone to get a quick answer.  That said- Here is some Do's and Don'ts of Email … [Read more...]

Top 7 Sites For Help in Organization

Believe it or not- I have a friend who has an office that look like this. It would drive me crazy! But it seem that the last week of March (We're a little late) is National Clutter Awareness Week. In lieu of that, below are listed some great sites for Organization Inspiration! Organization and Clutter Neat and Simple Living: Blog written by … [Read more...]

Promotion to Optical Office Manager – Are You Ready?

One of the great dilemmas in many optical offices is the lack of good optical managers. This is due to fact that most optical managers have little training for the job. In many cases, they start their manager's role with no management training whatsoever. The usual scenario is that the original manager resigned, and the person with the greatest … [Read more...]

Setting Smart Goals for Optical Professionals

  … [Read more...]