Whats Makes An Employee Happy?

We all make personal choices in life... you can either choose to be happy or choose to be unhappy. You can choose to be happy at work or choose not to be happy at work. Conversely your employer can choose to help make their employees happier or choose to not really care. If you choose to make your employees happier, what are the top criteria for … [Read more...]

10 Lessons From Kitchen Nightmares

I don't usually watch TV, but for some reason I started watching Kitchen Nightmares on Hulu and got addicted. If you have never watched the show, Chef Ramsay is called into restaurants that are about to fail and in a week 'saves' them. During the course of the show, Chef Ramsay samples the food (it is always bad) criticizes the menu (appalling) … [Read more...]

Plugs, Tattoos and Piercing In The Workplace

Tattoos, Piercing, Plugs, nose rings, tongue studs, you name it the day of the decorated human being is here now and most likely here to stay for awhile. It is growing trend at 13% a year and becoming socially acceptable. At one time it was considered a rebellious, individualist and tribal expression of a person. No longer, it is becoming the … [Read more...]

Dumping Personal Debt

Normally we don't deal with issues such as debt. But after reading about the middle class is going away and the amount of personal debt the average American has, it is an important topic to deal with. Eye Bogglers: (Nerd Wallet) $15,355 in credit card debt and $129,579 in total debt the average US Household carries. $6,658 in interest per … [Read more...]

When Should You Fire An Eyecare Patient?

Nobody hates to lose a hard- won patient. But.... as much as you want to make the customer happy there are just some times you have to let them go and say bye-bye. It used to be firing a patient was was easy, make them miserable and they will go away. Not anymore, you make them miserable and they will shout it to the rooftops... he hurt my feelings … [Read more...]

I Had A Dream

For Martin Luther King Day, January 18,  are presenting a few of his famous quotes as well as part of his famous I had a dream speech was August 28, 1963..... I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these … [Read more...]

Personal Eyewear Policies

As we go into 2016, it is time to relook at your policies and procedures manual. One policy that should be looked at is Personal Frames. Staff wearing up to date eyewear is a great thing and a perk. If they wear it they will sell it. If your policy works great and if it didn't consider the following: Abuse Occurs when: Employees buy or get … [Read more...]

eyeRead: Sticking Points Helps To Understand Generation Gaps

The Optical Women presented a panel discussion at Vision Expo West on dealing with different age groups (Millenials). The panel was based on the book, Sticking Points. Shirley and I were unable to attend but the women at VisionWeb were. Here is their story: In almost every office of every business you'll find a team of staff that ranges across … [Read more...]

9 Retail Formulas For Eyecare Practice Management Success

Retail math does not change whether you are selling paper or eyewear.  The exact same formulas that you use are the exact same formulas that Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision, Costco, Walmart use. They are easy to calculate and many are available on your software programs such as  GPN The Edge.  This timely article came from VisionWeb and this time of … [Read more...]

To Commission Or Not To Commission

Some opticians see commission programs as a normal part of their job, and may even come to expect them from your practice. A typical commission program can vary anywhere from 1-5 percent of monthly dispensary sales. However, some independent practices have felt the struggles that can come along with implementing a commission program. Today, we want … [Read more...]

22 Creative Compensation Ideas

There has been quite a debate on whether to increase the minimum wages. The Federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour although each state and city may have their own wage provisions in place. In fact in places like San Diego minimum wage will be $13.00 (2017) and hour and in Seattle, $15.00 an hour. As a business owner, while you may be paying … [Read more...]

Avoiding Problem Employee Types at all Costs

The reason why bad cream always rises to the top, is the good employees leave because the 'bad employee' behavior is not addressed and therefore they leave to work in better working conditions. The Bad employee continues to stay on via length of service and rises to the top as there are no other choices. How can avoid these type of Problem … [Read more...]

Insomnia And Productivity

Quit smoking, exercise, eat right, de-stress, de-tox, de-digitalize are all healthy and wellness recipes. Most people forget to add in good sleep. Good, restorative sleep is becoming increasingly more important as studies continue to show the correlation of sleep to health and productivity. In fact companies are hiring Sleep Consultants  and … [Read more...]

Management Tips, Positive Expectations And Results

"The simple act of paying positive attention to people has a great deal to do with productivity."  - Thomas J. Peters The other day I was talking with a manager about her store’s sales. She’s struggling to get her staff to execute at the level she wants and needs them to achieve. Part of what she needs to do is replace the team’s bad habits with … [Read more...]

Motivating Your Staff with Great Company Culture

Many practices are always looking for new ways to keep their staff motivated and happy at work. One of the best ways to achieve this long-term is through a company culture that inspires. A company culture is the values, beliefs, symbols, and rituals that a company develops over time. Everything from your mission statement, to your practice logo, … [Read more...]