A Father’s Day Ad We Love

Last year Meredith Bomse OD ran a Facebook contest that gave a fabulous Father's Day incentive to give a pair of glasses instead of a tie. Colorful and eye-catching all with the chance to win a pair of sunglasses. … [Read more...]

Eyewear Marketing: Love These Ads

It is not often I see ads as I don't have a TV and don't get netflix. But I did happen to watch several ads by Kohls on Owning Your Runway or The World is Your Runway, own it and totally loved the Feel Good ads. Old people, overweight people, doing regular things proudly strutting through life. What great advertising for eyewear and accessories. … [Read more...]

Mobile Pop-Ups Can Cost You

Do you have popup ads or interstitials on your website and in particular, your mobile website? You have until January 9, 2017 to fix that. Google announced this week that “pages where content is not easily accessible to a user on the transition from the mobile search results may not rank as highly”, which is Google speak for STOP with all the … [Read more...]

Think About Your Eyes Campaign Reaches Milestone

Alexandria, VA (July 2016) - The national Think About Your Eyes campaign has built upon its increased optical industry support and consumer interest to reach a new milestone of 2.5 million visitors to the campaign website since its launch. The campaign expects that number to reach 3 million by years’ end. “We are thrilled that the campaign … [Read more...]

Websites That Drive Me Crazy

Like most bloggers, we are on over 100 websites a day and continually look for interesting new ideas, viral news, trends and new products. With many companies that come and go, we often investigate the company to see if they are legit and still in business. As time has gone on there are a few things on both Websites and Facebook that drive me crazy … [Read more...]

Google Expands Mobilegeddon In May

Last April, Google began favoring websites that were mobile-friendly over websites that were not on mobile devices. Dubbed Mobilegeddon, that algorithm change meant that those websites who were still using outdated code that only appeared correctly on desktop computers were going to show up behind those websites that were mobile friendly. Last … [Read more...]

Webinar On Best Ways To Advertise On Google

Surefire is having a webinair on Best Ways to Advertise on Google to grow your practice. The webinar is March 10th at 4 pm EST. You can sign up here: Register for the Google Webinar March 10th, 4PM EST … [Read more...]

Record Breaking: Think About Your Eyes Campaign 2015

Alexandria, VA (2016) - The national Think About Your Eyes campaign has wrapped up its record breaking 2015 efforts, reaching even more consumers and producing more eye exams than ever before. Nearly 1.3 billion consumer impressions were generated, and the message was seen or heard by over 132 million adults. Most importantly, Think About Your … [Read more...]

How PPC Advertising Can Benefit Your Practice

Google pay-per-click advertising can be one of the most effective forms of local marketing for your eyecare Practice. The basics include writing various ads, specifying who sees those and what keywords trigger those ads, and choosing how much to spend.  Granted, that’s an oversimplification of the process, but here are 5 key benefits to using … [Read more...]

EyeCare Pro Launches New Service: OD Metro

As a pioneer in developing online marketing strategies specifically for optometrists, EyeCarePro understands the importance of being on the leading edge of advanced and effective marketing technologies. As part of their ongoing goal to serve the unique needs of our industry’s many thriving independent optometrists, EyeCarePro is pleased to … [Read more...]

Valentines Day Marketing We Love

We love the 'Valentine Day Marketing by SpringHill Eyecare in Tennessee, using outdoor signage with cute sayings. Central Opticians ran a Valentine Day Sale via Facebook. Look how a few Optical Shops are using Twitter to promote Love is Blind.. Central Opticians on Facebook advertising A Valentine Day Sale.   As Seen … [Read more...]

Why Email Addresses Are Important To Eyecare Professionals

Gathering emails is one of the most important things that any business owner should be doing. In fact, getting emails should be a company focus and include everyone in the office. Every single interaction with a patient or potential, old and new should include getting an updated email address. Eye Bogglers:  74% Online adults who prefer … [Read more...]

Beyond The Brand Provides Coop Advertising Tips

ClearVision Optical introduced the latest issue of its Beyond the Brand optical insights & inspiration magazine, offering a timely focus on co-op advertising and marketing. Created to support eyecare professionals with educational information on relevant topics, Beyond the Brand also includes insight from industry professionals; customer … [Read more...]

10 Things Your Eyecare Website Should Have

How’s your website? Does it help grow your practice or chase visitors away? There’s nothing worse than a cluttered, clunky web site to drive away prospective patients visiting the site. Did you know that over 40% of visitors to an average website are new to that site? It is critical to have a well-designed website that entices visitors to look … [Read more...]

Eyecare Marketing: Flex Spending Ads We Like

These are from 2013, but we liked them anyway.. Fun and great images to get those valuable FSA dollars.   … [Read more...]