Eye Believe In Bespectacled Branding

With our new Affordable Health Care or UHC, (Unaffordable HealthCare) branding is going to become increasingly more important as eye doctors and medical professionals figure out how they are going to make a living. The biggest advantage that you have as an eyecare professional is to appeal to the fashion savvy market. In order to do that…. you have … [Read more...]

Freebie Friday: ACA Pediatric Marketing

Isn't this the coolest ad? Eyecare Pro is offering FREE materials to use to market for ACA Pediatric Vision Provision. Cute advertising.. go for it. … [Read more...]

Smashing Glasses: A Fun and Effective Use of You Tube

We are impressed with the amount of views Alan Glaziers Smashing Glasses Video on YouTube has received. There are probably several reasons for this.1.) He has promoted it (good thing) 2.) He had it professionally done (good thing) 3.) It can found via keywords written on the blurbs. (I have underlined the … [Read more...]

Amazing Eyecare Appointment Card

A while back, I wrote a post on My Friends over 50 are being shafted at the Eye Doc. What I didn't tell you, is I have become a personal eyewear shopper for a few of my friends. A couple of weeks ago, I took several of those shafted over 50 friends to Michael Goldsmid OD. We had a great time and they loved the attention and were very happy to get … [Read more...]

The Story Of Free Photos

One of the favorite parts of my work involves design. Whether it is a new website, a new poster, a magazine ad, an email campaign….well, the list is long, we have a lot of fun designing ads and campaigns for our clients with color in the same way many of you enjoy picking out colors and styles for your customers and patients faces. One of the … [Read more...]

Four Eyecare Valentine Day Ads We Love To See

Daniel Feldman of DBA Designs and I were joking about National Wedding Month and the 6 Million expected wedding proposals on Valentines Day… and he whipped up some very funny eyecare advertising for the month of February and January. Can you think of some other tag lines? Or Try some of the following tag lines To See that Ring … [Read more...]

Maximize Your Email Effectiveness

How do you get your patients to open your emails? Research shows that the key to email success is in the subject line. One study by Chadwick Martin Bailey, showed that 64% of people report that they open an email because of the subject line, and a similar study by convinceandconvert.com showed that for 33% of recipients, the subject line is the … [Read more...]

Quik Tip: How To Know If Your New Website Will Be Mobile Friendly

We’ve spoken for quite some time about the increasing importance of your website being mobile friendly. I was speaking with another web designer the other day about mobile sites and how to test them on mobile devices. They would send the link of the theme to their phone and tablet, a very time consuming back and forth process. There is an easier … [Read more...]


There is a company called Ignition Toll-Free, who provides high-quality, unforgettable phone numbers for businesses to use in their marketing. For instance they recently launched 1-800-MY-EYE-DOC perfect for optometrist or ophthalmologist. (Think 1-800-Contacts. ) If you are thinking to be memorable in your area, you can actually have it ring into … [Read more...]

Funny Optical Ad

Funny Optical Ad by Selima Optique that gets the point across. Officer who looks like Erik Estrada of Chips and asks the offender to take off the sunglasses... what happens next.. to be decided. … [Read more...]

Eyehow – Rules for Fax Advertisements

This is useful information from The Vision Council that we thought we would share regarding rules for Fax advertisements  as some of our readers may use this method of marketing. In 2005, Congress passed the Junk Fax Prevention Act, which spells out the specific guidelines for sending out unsolicited advertisements via a facsimile. Recently, … [Read more...]

Using YouTube For Eyecare Advertising

The other day on OD's on Facebook the question was asked how many use YouTube? Nate, Justin and Allan use YouTube quite a bit with great success. We Opti-Girls are trying to grow our YouTube Channel and thought we would share with our readers some what NOT TO TO DO on YouTube. I am prefacing this first, we are not experts, this is a huge learning … [Read more...]

Funny Optical Ad- Should Have Gone To SpecSavers

Station' was made with intention of delivering an outrageous joke in a simple, clear and understated way. Careful casting was needed to ensure a degree of physical resemblance between the two men, while at the same time establishing sufficient difference to make the joke funny. The result is a convincing but quite catastrophic mistake with … [Read more...]

Held Hostage By Your IT Guy, Your Webmaster or Webserver?

One of my friends on Facebook put up this interesting story about one of her clients being held hostage by their IT person/webmaster. Apparently her client wanted to change webmasters, and hired her to update their website. The client had no log-in information, their webmaster was refusing to give them the information. Her Story- 'What kind of … [Read more...]

Edgy Eyewear Advertising

When I first saw this eyewear ad, I went WHaaaa? It got my attention and then realized how unique it was. Super-imposing other images, a new trend, it appeals to those who are seeking more than just the traditional look. This campaign is from Oxydo.   In an earlier post on Consumer Trends 2012, one of the big trends is … [Read more...]