Back To School Tips by Clearvision

With the Back to School season upon us, you can expect the return of your smallest (and often times – your most challenging) customers. We’re referring of course, to children. To ensure that a child will wear his or her frames, it’s important that the child is happy with them. One of the best ways to make this happen is to make kids an active … [Read more...]

Optical Fun Events-Eye Caching

You may have heard of Geo-Caching, an international game of hide and seek. Basically what happens is an geocacher places a 'geocache' in a location, pinpoints it's location via GPS and then publishes the geocache's existence and location online. Anyone can go and try to find the geocache. Wouldn't an Geo Eye-Caching Promotion be a fun and engaging … [Read more...]

Optical Events-Have a Cookie Party

In our striving to come up with unique, fun and engaging ways to get your patients and future customers coming in the door- came across Amazing Eyes ( website in which they had an Eyewear Show and pictures of this Amazing Eyes Cake. Both Shirley and I have a very bad sweet tooth(s)- so any picture of cookies, chocolate and cakes- … [Read more...]

Optical Marketing Opportunity- Kids Eye Health Month

Quick reminder to get your marketing calendars in order - Kids Eye Health Month in August. The College of Optometrists in Vision Development is launching their annual campaign to educate the public on how to insure their kids aren't struggling to overcome reading and learning because of vision problems. “The public doesn’t realize that you … [Read more...]

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day Trivia Formerly Known as Decoration Day and first enacted to honor Union Soldiers of the American Civil Way. The original day- was May 30th and designated for the purpose of strewing flowers or decoration on the graves of "fallen comrades' According to Professor David Blight of the Yale University History Department, the first … [Read more...]

Optical Events-Eye Swaps to Beat Recession Blues

I'm sure that those who have -12.00 would love to swap eyes- but I'm talking about having a 'Recession Event to Swap Eyeglasses! Last week- I had my 25th annual clothing exchange. We clean out closets, swap clothing and donate the leftovers to a Women's Shelter. My friend Marilyn, came in wearing a pair of glasses I had given her (only worn 2x) - … [Read more...]

Healthy Vision Month- May and FREE Stuff

May is Healthy Vision Month- a great opportunity to call your patients and promote your office and eye health! Healthy Vision Month is sponsored by the National Eye Health Education Program of the National Eye Institute (NEI) Why not call up those patients you haven't seen for over a year?- Tell them May is Healthy Vision Month and in honor of … [Read more...]

Having Optical Fun- Crazy Sneaker Days!

I'm on this site called My Air Shoes- and they have this really fun and funky selection of sneakers! Here's a Talk Factor- start having a Crazy Sneaker Days and invite your patients, customers and potential customers to come in for a FREE Gift when they are wearing crazy Shoes! Or just make every Wednesday Crazy Sneaker Day and when your customers … [Read more...]

Successful Optical Trunk Shows

A vision care company I have worked with in the past does an optical trunk show every year for all employees in the same building. The volume of business done on this optical trunk show day is the biggest of the year and there is a plus from the residual effect of new and repeat customers that are generated from the event. They are located in a … [Read more...]

To InfantSEE or Not to InfantSEE

This is kind of a funny story. We are sitting around at an Educational Board meeting at the COA. Somehow InfantSEE came up and how many OD's were not taking advantage of it. I asked about it in more depth and made some remark- like 'you are either in the Kids Business or your not, and many offices don't want to work with kids'. Now the board razzes … [Read more...]

Optical Events – Offer a Freebie

We at OVS are constantly trying to think of new ways to get patients and potential patients in your doors. The other night a bulb went off again! We have a mutual friend who went to her beauty salon for a 'Special Curly Hair' night. This 2 hour event cost her $20.00 to attend but she received a free wash and style and a coupon for $20.00 off … [Read more...]

World Glaucoma Day – March 12

This is serving to remind you about World Glaucoma Day/ Week I went on their website and they had some great information on how to promote World Glaucoma Day in your office. This is a great opportunity to get new patients and as well as get your ''I'm still waiting' patients back in the door. You will find here various ideas for local events, … [Read more...]

Happy Valentines Day- Seniors

We love getting these press releases- because they are great promotional opportunities for you. Today, many senior citizens have had their savings and retirement plans slashed by 50%. Wouldn't it be a great thing for you to call them and tell them about this program- What a great way to develop long term caring patient relations. Eye Care … [Read more...]

Fun and Easy Promotions – Get People in the Door

Do you dare to be different? Need to spice up your marketing? Need new patients? Need patients to come back? Why not try some fun and easy promotions. The objective- to get new patients and increase your Talk Factor! Give patients a reason to come in, whether by a special sale, trunk show or even free blood pressure test. Make it fun and … [Read more...]

Recycle Bank – An Opportunity to Earn Rewards

Does your office, strip center, building have a recycling program? Do you have to trudge all your recyclables off to a waste center? If so, this might be an opportunity for you to make money from all the paper, cans and other recyclable materials in your office. Recycle Bank- available now in a few states- will pick up your recycles for you and … [Read more...]