EyeCare Events- National Hugging Day January 21

National Hugging Day is January 21 I watched this video and it made me tear up but got to thinking about the value of hugs, how we all need them and how good it makes us feel. Eye Bogglers Hugging helps the body's immune system Hugging cures depression Hugging reduces stress Hugging induces sleep Hugging can prolong life Hugging … [Read more...]

Holiday Giving From Our Sponsors

We reached out to our sponsors asking them what they are giving for the Holiday Season. Adopting families for the season seems to be the top choice  along with food drives. Something to think about next year for the holidays. This is also a good opportunity to involve your patients, offer discounts off products and services for drop offs, give the … [Read more...]

Free Wiley X Frame for Safety Eyewear Ideas

Eyecare Professionals can win* a free Wiley X Frame of your choice by sharing your ideas on how to bring more awareness and programs about the importance of Safety Eyewear in your local market. More than 2,000 people injure their eyes at work each day. About 1 in 10 injuries require one or more missed workdays to recover from. Of the … [Read more...]

Eyecare Events- Iridology For Fun And Eye Health

We had a guest blogger write about her Iridology Experience and it got me to thinking that this would be a fun and eye health event for eyecare professionals to have in their offices. With the growth of alternative medicine, many people would love to come and get their eyes read by professionals. It  might open up new experiences by both the ECP … [Read more...]

Gingerbread Shuffle Game For Holiday Fun- Engages Customers

Engaging customers is not a new topic. Today engagement has a whole new meaning with the rise of Social Media. You engage customers by Facebook, by Trunk Shows and other events, but the fastest growing way to talk and engage your customers is online contests and chances to win or just have a little fun. One company that I have been impressed with … [Read more...]

OptimEyes World Sight Day Promotions

Henry Ford OptimEyes in Detroit took part in the World Sight Day Challenge for the third year in a row and raised funds so that others in developing countries can have access to eye care and glasses. Henry Ford OptimEyes boasts 18 locations in the Metro Detroit area- 6 of these offices are Super Vision Centers that include MD’s. OD’s, and a … [Read more...]

Eyecare Events- Cocktails For A Cause

This is a new interesting idea for the cocktail set, set up a Cocktails for a Cause event. Dr. Rebecca Schoonover just had her 6th annual fundraiser 'Cocktails For A Cause' The fundraiser benefited Blindness Research and honored a late friend optometrist Dr. Heather Baker Romano, A $40 donation was all it took to get in and sample food from … [Read more...]

Philanthropy Good for Your Heart and Your Optical Business Too!

Here is the latest installment of ClearVision Optical's "Helpful Hints"  - How philanthropy can be good for your heart and your optical business, too. In tough economic times, charities and philanthropic organizations are often among the first to feel it when people cut back on their expenses. The loss of income, or the simple fear of losing … [Read more...]

Eyecare Events- Charitable Garden Parties

Harney Garden Party Will Benefit Prevent Blindness SALISBURY—The last days of summer will receive a gentle farewell Wednesday night when John and Elyse Harney host a garden party for Prevent Blindness Tri-State at their home on East Main Street. Light refreshments and hors d’oeurves will be served and Prevent Blindness will provide free vision … [Read more...]

Eyecare Events- Shoe Recycling Helps Needy And Image

You particpate in Infantsee, you have signed up for the World Sight Day, you donate time with the homeless, but sometimes you just want to do something fun, interesting and out of the box for an eyecare office. A very eco friendly and cause related event that you can have is a Shoe Recycling Day, where people who have old shoes can come in and … [Read more...]

Wiley X and Playing Polo is Not for Crybabies!

Why do we say that? Because recently we have seen what is really involved with playing polo plus according to my Google search  on "The Top Tens dangerous sports list #2 is Horseback riding". Just yesterday, Charlotte  witnessed a polo player being stitched up by a vet (yes a vet) after being hit in the face with a polo mallet, he didn't have time … [Read more...]

Optical Fun Marketing Events- Foodie Fights

We believe the the ECP should make their office a destination spot. One of the ways to make the office exciting and stand apart from the competition is to offer some fun events. If you are by a cooking school or a culinary store, you might try getting together with them and have a contest with your patients and their customers for a Carved Food … [Read more...]

Eyecare Marketing- Eco Friendly Events

Eyecare Marketing- Eco Friendly Events That Engage Customers One of the best competitive edges that the eyecare professional has is the person to person contact, the human touch. As much as Facebook and Twitter can engage your patients, there is nothing like that one on one personal contact. Today consumers and your patients want more reasons to … [Read more...]

Divot Stomping with friezeframes

You might have to be a Polo fan, the kind with horses and mallets, to know what divot stomping is (going out onto the Polo field and stomping back into place the clumps of sod kicked up by the horses hooves.) I found out today what divot stomping is with friezeframes. Cathy, me, Jason Stanley and Marc Franchi of freizeframes got to divot stomp … [Read more...]

Chapel Hills Vision Takes The World Sight Day Challenge

Chapel Hills Vision in Colorado Springs, CO and affiliate practice Monument Vision Clinic in Monument, CO are taking the World Sight Day Challenge by donating $5 for every pair of glasses sold, and $1 for each exam performed, during the World Sight Day Challenge. The World Sight Day Challenge runs from September 1 through October 14. Optometry … [Read more...]