Eyecare Events- Charitable Garden Parties

Harney Garden Party Will Benefit Prevent Blindness SALISBURY—The last days of summer will receive a gentle farewell Wednesday night when John and Elyse Harney host a garden party for Prevent Blindness Tri-State at their home on East Main Street. Light refreshments and hors d’oeurves will be served and Prevent Blindness will provide free vision … [Read more...]

Eyecare Events- Shoe Recycling Helps Needy And Image

You particpate in Infantsee, you have signed up for the World Sight Day, you donate time with the homeless, but sometimes you just want to do something fun, interesting and out of the box for an eyecare office. A very eco friendly and cause related event that you can have is a Shoe Recycling Day, where people who have old shoes can come in and … [Read more...]

Wiley X and Playing Polo is Not for Crybabies!

Why do we say that? Because recently we have seen what is really involved with playing polo plus according to my Google search  on "The Top Tens dangerous sports list #2 is Horseback riding". Just yesterday, Charlotte  witnessed a polo player being stitched up by a vet (yes a vet) after being hit in the face with a polo mallet, he didn't have time … [Read more...]

Optical Fun Marketing Events- Foodie Fights

We believe the the ECP should make their office a destination spot. One of the ways to make the office exciting and stand apart from the competition is to offer some fun events. If you are by a cooking school or a culinary store, you might try getting together with them and have a contest with your patients and their customers for a Carved Food … [Read more...]

Eyecare Marketing- Eco Friendly Events

Eyecare Marketing- Eco Friendly Events That Engage Customers One of the best competitive edges that the eyecare professional has is the person to person contact, the human touch. As much as Facebook and Twitter can engage your patients, there is nothing like that one on one personal contact. Today consumers and your patients want more reasons to … [Read more...]

Divot Stomping with friezeframes

You might have to be a Polo fan, the kind with horses and mallets, to know what divot stomping is (going out onto the Polo field and stomping back into place the clumps of sod kicked up by the horses hooves.) I found out today what divot stomping is with friezeframes. Cathy, me, Jason Stanley and Marc Franchi of freizeframes got to divot stomp … [Read more...]

Chapel Hills Vision Takes The World Sight Day Challenge

Chapel Hills Vision in Colorado Springs, CO and affiliate practice Monument Vision Clinic in Monument, CO are taking the World Sight Day Challenge by donating $5 for every pair of glasses sold, and $1 for each exam performed, during the World Sight Day Challenge. The World Sight Day Challenge runs from September 1 through October 14. Optometry … [Read more...]

EyeCare Fun Events- Red Hat Society Party

I am sure many of you have seen the Red Hat Ladies.  For those who dont' know, if you see a group of ladies wearing red hats and purple accessories, they are known as the Red Hat Society. If you do run across them, engage them in conversation because this amazing group of 50+ year old women like to have fun and have a enthusiasm for life that most … [Read more...]

Eyecare Events- Fabulous Fridays

It used to be Casual Friday's, but I think it should change to Fab Fridays to market yourself as a destination office. On Fab Fridays, you could do all sorts of events or promotions to encourage your patients to come and visit but most of all set yourself apart from the competition. FAB Fridays can be anything from booking an eye exam for a $20 … [Read more...]

Old Eyeglasses Make Good Toys

I was visiting friends in Loomis, California last week and was there when the kids came over to play with a few toys. One of there bags of toys were some old eyeglasses (sans the lenses) and I took pictures to prove how much fun they were able to have playing with these "recycled" eyeglasses. We have suggested ways of recycling eyewear before but … [Read more...]

Pets Match Owners Eyewear – Opti-fun Marketing Idea

I saw this in San Diego Magazine. They won last year's  "Dog who looks most like its owner" competition.  It inspires an Opti-fun marketing idea for optical retailers to do during a street fair or local community event but change it to "Pets who match their owners eyewear" competition. Thanks to US Vision Optometry for sponsoring Opti-fun today. … [Read more...]

World Sight Day Challenge- Get Involved

Creating a brighter future through the World Sight Day Challenge Optometry Giving Sight invites all optometrists to take part in the fourth annual World Sight Day Challenge from September 1-October 14 (World Sight Day). Help transform lives through the gift of vision by making a personal or practice donation, donating your eye exam fees and / or … [Read more...]

Dad’s Don’t Want Ties! Get Dad Eyewear for Father’s Day

A lot of unwanted ties will be bought between now and June 2oth (Father's Day) and most of them will be left in the gift box or the dresser drawer. Better to get Dad something he really needs and will wear like new eyewear! Two billion (yes billion) dollars will be spent on Father's Day gifts this year  and the optical industry should be getting a … [Read more...]

May is Healthy Vision Month

Thank you to The Vision Voice from International Vision Expo for the following post about Healthy Vision Month. Promote Healthy Vision Month in Your Community May is observed by the National Eye Institute (NEI) as Healthy Vision Month. The NEI has created a toolkit of materials for eye care professionals to educate the public about the … [Read more...]

Optical Vendor Promotions – Hollywood, Indy500 and Makeovers

We love promotions and freebies and we know you do as we got a lot of comments and requests for more information when we did the Vision Expo East Free Stuff post. Here is information on optical vendor promotions that a few of our sponsors are doing that we think are good fun and great value. What do you think? We like your comments as it helps … [Read more...]