EyeCare Fun Events- Red Hat Society Party

I am sure many of you have seen the Red Hat Ladies.  For those who dont' know, if you see a group of ladies wearing red hats and purple accessories, they are known as the Red Hat Society. If you do run across them, engage them in conversation because this amazing group of 50+ year old women like to have fun and have a enthusiasm for life that most … [Read more...]

Eyecare Events- Fabulous Fridays

It used to be Casual Friday's, but I think it should change to Fab Fridays to market yourself as a destination office. On Fab Fridays, you could do all sorts of events or promotions to encourage your patients to come and visit but most of all set yourself apart from the competition. FAB Fridays can be anything from booking an eye exam for a $20 … [Read more...]

Old Eyeglasses Make Good Toys

I was visiting friends in Loomis, California last week and was there when the kids came over to play with a few toys. One of there bags of toys were some old eyeglasses (sans the lenses) and I took pictures to prove how much fun they were able to have playing with these "recycled" eyeglasses. We have suggested ways of recycling eyewear before but … [Read more...]

Pets Match Owners Eyewear – Opti-fun Marketing Idea

I saw this in San Diego Magazine. They won last year's  "Dog who looks most like its owner" competition.  It inspires an Opti-fun marketing idea for optical retailers to do during a street fair or local community event but change it to "Pets who match their owners eyewear" competition. Thanks to US Vision Optometry for sponsoring Opti-fun today. … [Read more...]

World Sight Day Challenge- Get Involved

Creating a brighter future through the World Sight Day Challenge Optometry Giving Sight invites all optometrists to take part in the fourth annual World Sight Day Challenge from September 1-October 14 (World Sight Day). Help transform lives through the gift of vision by making a personal or practice donation, donating your eye exam fees and / or … [Read more...]

Dad’s Don’t Want Ties! Get Dad Eyewear for Father’s Day

A lot of unwanted ties will be bought between now and June 2oth (Father's Day) and most of them will be left in the gift box or the dresser drawer. Better to get Dad something he really needs and will wear like new eyewear! Two billion (yes billion) dollars will be spent on Father's Day gifts this year  and the optical industry should be getting a … [Read more...]

May is Healthy Vision Month

Thank you to The Vision Voice from International Vision Expo for the following post about Healthy Vision Month. Promote Healthy Vision Month in Your Community May is observed by the National Eye Institute (NEI) as Healthy Vision Month. The NEI has created a toolkit of materials for eye care professionals to educate the public about the … [Read more...]

Optical Vendor Promotions – Hollywood, Indy500 and Makeovers

We love promotions and freebies and we know you do as we got a lot of comments and requests for more information when we did the Vision Expo East Free Stuff post. Here is information on optical vendor promotions that a few of our sponsors are doing that we think are good fun and great value. What do you think? We like your comments as it helps … [Read more...]

Go Green- Make Green-Save Green For Earth Day 2010

April 22 is Earth Day and this year is the 40th Anniversay!  Earth Day was the idea of Senator Gaylord Nelson, in his attempt to "put the environment into the political 'limelight' once and for all" (his words) Now 190 countries and 500 Million people celebrate this day of renewal of our earths resources. Contrary to popular belief going … [Read more...]

TRUNK SHOWS 101 By ClearVision Optical

Thank you to ClearVision Optical for posting on TRUNK SHOWS 101  - A beginner’s guide to this time-tested tactic for optical retailers. Whether you have some hot new frames that you just can’t wait to share with the world; or are simply looking for a new way to promote your optical practice, a trunk show is a fun and exciting way to drive … [Read more...]

Linden Optometry-How To Have An Eco Friendly Trunk Show

Many of our readers may know who Linden Optometry is in Pasadena. If you don't know, they bought a bank have about 21 lanes, use the drive up teller to deliver contacts and whatnot, this is an extremely busy office and I would say probably one of the top independent eyecare retailers in the United States. They have always been committed to Trunk … [Read more...]

Happy Valentines Day From Optylux- Great Idea For ECP’s

Optylux Group sent us this fun Valentine's Day Card! We are passing it on to our readers! Happy Valentines Day from The Optical Vision Site and Optylux Eyewear. What I like about this card, it is pretty easy to make up and you can send a Valentine Day Card to your optical patients! It's fairly simple to do, keeps you foremost in their minds plus … [Read more...]

EyeGating: Eyecare Marketing For Super Bowl Sunday

Shirley and I are not huge football fans, so we tend to forget one of the top watched events in the USA, The Super Bowl! It is estimated that over 97 Million people watch the Super Bowl and I can't even imagine how many Super Bowl Parties their are. Why not have a little fun during the countdown to the Super Bowl and have your own EyeGate Super … [Read more...]

Eyecare Marketing For Valentines Day

Did you know that Valentines Day is one of the top shopping and gift giving days in the USA? Are you prepared to set up your eyecare office to take advantage of Valentine Day Gifts. Do you have red gift certificates sitting right by that pair of sunglasses?  Why should someone spend money for candy when they can purchase a wonderful and eye-health … [Read more...]

EyeCare Marketing Calendar 2010

If you are like us, suddenly the Holidays were here and we didn't do a third of what we wanted to do! In preparation for your eyecare marketing in 2010, we have prepared for you an optical marketing and merchandising calendar for 2010! While these are not all the holidays and events in 2010, you can add your own, post it on your blog or website, … [Read more...]