Optical Fun Events-Do It Eye-Self Crafts- Decorate Contact Lens Cases

These fun and easy craft projects might be a interesting fun eyecare event to have in your office some evening as way to engage your patients and future customers. If you don't have room you might call the local schools and offer your eye-craft services. In fact the more I think about it, nursing homes, retirement complexes, adult centers might be … [Read more...]

Do You Have A Holiday Marketing Plan?

We are coming into some of the biggest shopping months of the year. Do you have a Eye Care Holiday Marketing Plan? No one will know that you offer flex- benefit programs, gift certificates, special holiday hours unless you tell them. Helpful Hints to Entice Holiday Shoppers To Your Door Offer gift certificates, predominately display them, … [Read more...]

Optical Sponsorship of Local Sports Teams

One of the major challenges for the optical retailer is building consumer awareness as optical consumers do not "browse" and are less likely to just "walk-in". One way to build local consumer awareness is through the sponsorship of local sports teams. Optical retailers, because of the nature of their business, are in a position to not just sponsor … [Read more...]

Capturing Halloween Contact Lens Business

Eye Bogglers The Halloween Industry is $5-7 Billion dollar business The average adult spend $65.00 on Halloween. In Canada, Halloween spending accounted for approximately $1.15 billion in sales in 2006. The average cosmetic lens purchaser for Halloween is over 21 years of age and can wear the lenses responsibly Halloween … [Read more...]

Cash For Eye-Clunkers Marketing Program

This is a great optical marketing idea! Cash For Eye Clunkers Promotion by Hollywood Eyes as seen on the Internet. 'Got old eyeglasses? Make a charitable donation and get $25 Trade in an old pair of out-of-date eyeglasses for $25 towards a new pair at Hollywood Eyes. It's the store's version of "Cash for Clunkers" and the campaign begins … [Read more...]

Promoting Your Optical Business to Consumers

I live near a small beach town which holds an annual event called "Taste of Encinitas".  It is mainly an eating fest where for $25 per ticket you can walk main street sampling delightful treats from various restaurants and stores. I decided to go this year, mainly for the food and music but also to see how effective is was as a marketing event for … [Read more...]

Custom-Eyez Your Eyewear-Hand-Painting Parties

I ran across these hand-painted sunglasses from Karin Frye at art4theface. I got to thinking, is this 'custom handmade' eyewear is something you could offer to your patients?  I used to know an optician who actually did custom hand -painted glasses. Then as another great marketing tool, a high end office I knew, bought up all these closeouts and … [Read more...]

Engage Eyecare Patients and Compete Against The Internet

One of the ways you can compete against the Internet is to get patients and customers to come to you and engage them in your eyecare practice. People shop online or at box warehouses, because 1.) It's convenient 2.) Their perception of value is based upon price 3.) They may not know all the options of products and services that are available to … [Read more...]

Eye-Care Marketing- Adopt a Highway

We have all seen the signs 'Adopt a Highway'. Have you ever wondered how to get involved and how much it costs? Adopting a Highway costs from $300-$500 a month, depending on state and location. That is if you have a road crew picking up litter. It is less if you pick up litter yourself. Before you go 'Whoa' that's a lot of money- think about … [Read more...]

Back To School Tips by Clearvision

With the Back to School season upon us, you can expect the return of your smallest (and often times – your most challenging) customers. We’re referring of course, to children. To ensure that a child will wear his or her frames, it’s important that the child is happy with them. One of the best ways to make this happen is to make kids an active … [Read more...]

Optical Fun Events-Eye Caching

You may have heard of Geo-Caching, an international game of hide and seek. Basically what happens is an geocacher places a 'geocache' in a location, pinpoints it's location via GPS and then publishes the geocache's existence and location online. Anyone can go and try to find the geocache. Wouldn't an Geo Eye-Caching Promotion be a fun and engaging … [Read more...]

Optical Events-Have a Cookie Party

In our striving to come up with unique, fun and engaging ways to get your patients and future customers coming in the door- came across Amazing Eyes (amazing-eyes.net) website in which they had an Eyewear Show and pictures of this Amazing Eyes Cake. Both Shirley and I have a very bad sweet tooth(s)- so any picture of cookies, chocolate and cakes- … [Read more...]

Optical Marketing Opportunity- Kids Eye Health Month

Quick reminder to get your marketing calendars in order - Kids Eye Health Month in August. The College of Optometrists in Vision Development is launching their annual campaign to educate the public on how to insure their kids aren't struggling to overcome reading and learning because of vision problems. “The public doesn’t realize that you … [Read more...]

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day Trivia Formerly Known as Decoration Day and first enacted to honor Union Soldiers of the American Civil Way. The original day- was May 30th and designated for the purpose of strewing flowers or decoration on the graves of "fallen comrades' According to Professor David Blight of the Yale University History Department, the first … [Read more...]

Optical Events-Eye Swaps to Beat Recession Blues

I'm sure that those who have -12.00 would love to swap eyes- but I'm talking about having a 'Recession Event to Swap Eyeglasses! Last week- I had my 25th annual clothing exchange. We clean out closets, swap clothing and donate the leftovers to a Women's Shelter. My friend Marilyn, came in wearing a pair of glasses I had given her (only worn 2x) - … [Read more...]