Eyecare Merchandising For Holidays

If you want to learn how to merchandise your eyecare office, get ideas on what works, visit this site called the Shoppologist, by Dr. Stephen Saunders. He apparently walks around and takes pictures of displays in malls and make comments. Kinda interesting. Here was optometrist holiday display. It probably looked better in person, but the Fresh Look … [Read more...]

Eyewear Stocking Stuffers and Boxing Day

Now is the time to snag a few extra optical sales with eyewear stocking stuffer opportunities. The gift giving season is upon us, the first day of Hanukkah is almost here - Thursday, December 2. Then we have Christmas, Kwanzaa and Boxing Day. I am a Brit so for those of you that don't know what Boxing Day means I will give you a couple of … [Read more...]

Minimum Order Questions- What, Why, How

Minimum orders has been a hot topic for years. I was asked to write about this about a year ago and for some reason it just went off my radar. Minimum orders by definition is the lowest order you can give a company. I will try to answer the most common questions on minimum orders. Why companies have minimum orders: Many Brands aka designers … [Read more...]

Eyecare Visual Merchandising Tips By Corning

Alexis From Corning does the most incredible displays. Here is one of hers that is so simple and easy anyone can do it. Using leaves, nuts and veggies, she artfully displayed a few pieces. Note it's not an overwhelming amount of leaves. The eyewear colors accent the decor. Leaves are free and Veggies can be eaten later! A simple Fall … [Read more...]

Fun Merchandising Idea From Original Eyewear

For those who are creative and really like to come up with cool ideas on merchandising your frames, view the quick update on Original Eyewear merchandising tips. You can do the same concept with any objects, just spray paint them and create a little WOW! … [Read more...]

Window Shopping And Eyecare Professionals

People notice window displays, they notice the displays in your optical office, they notice if they are faded and dusty. Displays whether on the street or in your office are a form of entertainment and a form of education. The Value Of Window Displays Noticing the Windows, they will notice the store and noticing the store will bring … [Read more...]

Keen Display’s Upcycled, Steampunked And Salvaged

I love this eco friendly store concept from Keen Shoes, you know those funky, comfortable shoes that you associate with hippies, tree huggers and sports enthusiasts. They just opened an incredibly creative store incorporating up-cycled (salvaged and reclaimed goods) into a cool garage space. Ceiling and metal fixtures are all reclaimed, re-used … [Read more...]

eyeHow To Decorate Eyewear

That Madeleine over at Optique of Denver has more energy than most people! She decorates, she hikes, she does laughing yoga in her store, now she has become Eyecare Window Dresser! She went to Michaels and decorated some frames with eyeballs, put up a red wall- placed frames in window 'Optique of Denver..... Just SEE It! and people are coming into … [Read more...]

Eyecare Merchandising- Fun Window Displays

We had requests for more merchandising tips. Here is a great store window by Bloomingdale's in New York that can be easily adapted to Eyewear. This particular window was done with Keds sneakers and the whole concept makes Keds a fun and cool thing to wear. How: contact a local shoe store and  hang their shoes in your window or any space in the … [Read more...]

Eye Like Patagonia’s Localized Merchandising

Patagonia is one of my favorite stores and I had not really "analyzed" the merchandising of these stores until one opened up here in Cardiff where I live. Cardiff is a small, beach, surf town not all sophisticated! Patagonia Cardiff is in one of the oldest buildings, the Mercantile Building c. 1912 and fixed it up in keeping with its original time … [Read more...]

Man-up Your Eyewear

Do you need to man-up your eyewear displays? I am told by some of my men friends that they do not feel comfortable looking for eyewear in certain optical retail environments as they don't know which frames they should be looking at. Maybe this is the reason why a lot of men go to an optical chain where the merchandising is separated by gender or … [Read more...]

Not Your Mother’s Sunglasses

You might think that most of the high end designer brand sunglasses are considered "young and hip". You are right, but who considers these sunglasses to be young and hip? Often it is people over 30 and many of the under 30's want to look different and have their own brands and identity separate from the generation just in front of them, let alone … [Read more...]

Use Fashion Forward Accessories with Eyewear

I have two girls living with me right now, 19 and 22, so I hear a lot about fashion and how out of date I am! I am really struggling with the current shoes, the big boots and the "gladiator" style sandals. Even if my eyewear is fashionable, without the right accessory will it still be perceived as fashionable eyewear? If I am asking that question … [Read more...]

Eye Care Summer Merchandising Tips From Fashion Optical- FREE

Every person walking in your door should be aware that you sell sunglasses! Consider moving them to a more visible location, and merchandise them properly. Fashion Optical Displays offers a free download "Summer Merchandising Ideas" on their website to help you make the most out of your seasonal displays. To download their free MERCHANDISING … [Read more...]

Eyecare Store Within An Eyecare Store Concept

What is a store within a store concept? You have seen it, walk into any grocery store and you can see Starbucks, Florist, Balloons, Bakery, Organic Food, Banks, Magazine Rack even furniture. That is the basis of a Store Within A Store Concept. All over retail stores are picking up the retail trend of 'stores within stores' to attract shoppers, … [Read more...]