Eye Can’t Believe It – Living in a Church

Living here could make you be really well behaved, God might have his eye on you all the time! Eye Can't Believe It- Living in a church and that these pictures  are  really a home but they are. A couple purchased an old church in Kyloe, Northumberland, UK. They invested a lot of money on the interior but the exterior remained almost … [Read more...]

English Optician – Eye Catching Cache

These optician pictures were taken in the very picturesque and affluent town of Marlow, England. The small streets and historical buildings can be challenging for consumer business and retailing as there is not a lot of display space. This optical business makes the most of the window display available and uses the traditional " brass name … [Read more...]

Eye-Catching Creative and Cost Effective Point Of Purchase Materials

Creating attractive and innovative optical displays to draw the customer in or to move slower moving eyecare products, doesn't have to cost a lot of money or even take up much time. Almost every item, thing or object you own or find can be made up in great eye-catching, consumer attracting displays. I once saw a display (years ago) that was a line … [Read more...]

Tip O’ The Day-Eyecare Merchandising For St. Patricks Day

Again, I can't believe it's St. Patricks Day coming up and of course it's time to GO Green in the eyecare dispensary. Millions of people globally celebrate St. Paddy's day by wearing green, drinking green beer, parades and more. That said, St. Patricks Day is a great opportunity for marketing your eyecare business. There are many things you … [Read more...]

Creating Visual Appeal 16 – 65

Marketing experts advise targeting specific demographics, especially by age groups. Retailers, particularly  boutiques, usually target a defined young or older age group by sex. But sometimes the rules are made to be broken! I personally experienced a good example of breaking the "target market rule". I am in Steamboat Springs, Colorado right … [Read more...]

Turquoise Color Of The Year- Eyecare and Optical Fashion Trends

Turquoise Is 2010 Color of the Year- Optical and Fashion Eyewear - Accessories Trends for Eyecare Professional Pantone, the world famous fashion color experts has declared Turquoise (Pantone 15-5519) the color of the year. (and fortunately one of my favorite colors) When you think of turquoise, it brings up images of, vacations, southwestern … [Read more...]

A Simple Valentine Day Eyecare Display By Fashion Optical

Fashion Optical Display just sent us a few new ideas for Eye Catching Valentine Day Displays. What I like, the displays are simple and uncluttered. A few white and red accents to get the point across and encourage the shopper to look, touch, feel and try-on. … [Read more...]

Eye Care Visual Merchandising Tips

A couple of months ago, I was in Dr. Jeff Anshel's office in Carlsbad, California. I so admired the windows! In fact, I stood outside the office for about 15 minutes just to admire the eye-catching window display. It was warm, inviting, and if I was a customer, I definitely would have walked in. Got me to thinking about the ECP's visual … [Read more...]

Eyecare Marketing: To Eyewear Or Not To Eyewear

This eyewear was actually taken from Spring of 2009 runway shows. Our source: Trenddecreme.com. Designers like you need to make statements, set themselves apart and build their own brand. When models like this show up on a runway wearing eyewear like this, it sets the designer apart from anyone else. Are they going to sell alot of these … [Read more...]

Eye How: Merchandising Eyewear For Valentines Day

Eyecare Merchandising Tip Of The Day By Fashion Optical Display: Valentines day is coming up, but you don't need hearts on everything to get into the holiday theme. Tap into red props you already have and play up "red" this month! Good example of brand identification...keep it simple. … [Read more...]

Easy Eye Catching Holiday Displays By Fashion Optical

HOLIDAY MERCHANDISING TIPS From Fashion Optical Displays Sunwear makes a great gift...even if to one's self! Get out your best-sellers and highlight them for all to see! Work with eye-catching props, but don't over-do it...let your merchandise stand out. … [Read more...]

Xmas Tree With Eyeglasses By Optique Of Denver

Madeleine at Optique of Denver  sent us her holiday decorated tree.! Great idea, decorating the tree with eyeglasses, pack them with little bows, all ready to go as a nice gift. Thanks Madeleine for sending us the pics! … [Read more...]

Captivating Hermes Blowing Scarves Window – Wow!

Bill Gerber sent us this video of Hermes Blowing Scarves Window. It is very captivating and inspirational for getting creative with window displays. Bill says: "Here's something I ran across today that is so exhilarating. Look at the way the artist Tokujin Yoshioka uses whimsy and scale to entertain and captivate at the Maison De Hermes in … [Read more...]

Eyewear Merchandising Tips from the Field #3 – Frame Selection

We have been getting lots of comments on our "Eyewear Merchandising Tips from the Field" so we are bringing you Eyewear Merchandising Tips from the Field #3 - Frame Selection. Eyewear consumers price shop and it is hard for the independent practice to compete.  The Internet has become the prime tool for this but not even the larger chains have … [Read more...]

Eyewear Merchandising Tips From the Field #2 Frame Pricing

I have been out and about in the "field" recently working on an eyewear survey which involves talking directly to eyecare providers and I am taking the opportunity to write about some of the tips they shared with me. I recently wrote about the male optical consumer and received some good comments so I thought I would go for Tip #2. This concerns … [Read more...]