Effective Optical Displays

EFFECTIVE OPTICAL DISPLAYS: One of great advantages of going to a trade show is seeing new product and how EFFECTIVELY it is displayed. I wish that we could see this repeated as well in the optical retail environment. It is of course a lot different as each company and/or brand is displaying just their product and images which is a lot easier … [Read more...]

Opti-Vend- Contact Lens Vending Machine

Is this a scary thing or a good thing- Opti-Vend launching soon, is a vending machine that will allow the consumer to buy prescription contact lenses through a kiosk and with a prescription card. The plan is to put these in airports and malls, where people might need emergency contact lens. This is the latest idea from Innovative Vending … [Read more...]

Is Your Eyecare Office Boring?

Last week I went to Cost-Co and spent $242.00. I also went to Trader Joes and spent $50.00. The reason I spent so much, is both stores re-arranged the merchandise and I was forced to explore and walk into aisles that I never venture in AND bought products that I normally wouldn't buy. Just by rearranging merchandise, I was inspired to shop … [Read more...]

Eye How to Create a Maximum Customer Experience

How to Create a Maximum Customer Experience through Merchandising I found this video to be absolutely right on target and up to date with today's consumers. Take a few minutes to watch and after you have watched the video- re-look at your office to determine if you can enhance your optical customer experience by integrating better … [Read more...]

Solar Powered Merchandising Display Table

This solar-powered turntable will rotate a small display item such as a pair of Sunglasses or Eyeglasses using nothing but the sun’s energy. Put it in the window or by a window and show off your 'Hot Optical Products"! Don't have windows- take it home, feature trophies, knick-knacks or even a birthday cupcake! … [Read more...]

How Color Affects Visual Merchandising

From Mark Clifton- Color affects visual merchandising by attracting people within the first five seconds, which communicates an immediate association or emotion. Research color theory to use in visual merchandising with help from a management teacher in this free video on advertising. … [Read more...]

Seen in New York-Sign in Jewelry Store

This came to us via Denise Solay Designs: 'Your Husband Just Called and Said You Can Buy Anything You Wanted! ' Love it- For Those who don't know who Denise is - She makes the most incredible jewelry/eyeglass holders! … [Read more...]

Optical Darwinism Present With Excellence Or Perish

Bill Gerber is a regular reader of the Optical Vision Site blog and has written an article about the state of the industry and what we can do about it. I think you might enjoy his unique approach and recommendations. Bill can be contacted directly at billg@globalimpactgig.com Optical Darwinism; Present With Excellence Or Perish, By Bill … [Read more...]

14 Merchandising Lessons From Apple

Sunday I went to my One on One class at the Apple Store. If you haven't been to an Apple Store, I highly recommend going. You can spend hours looking and learning for free, and it's fun, even for a non- techie like me. What's Good about Apple Stores- 1.) There's not alot of products out- it's very simple 2.) It's clean 3.) It's … [Read more...]

Green and Save- Office Furniture

  True Confession- I am becoming obessed with free stuff. My friends all roll their eyes at me- but for some reason, I have to go on Craig's list everyday to check out what is free. There are tons of free desks, conference tables, office chairs - one office was giving away 20 desks and chairs! Last week, another office was giving away a … [Read more...]

Office Makeover – Peter Perfect

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