Eyewear Merchandising Tips For Spring 2016

Your fashion-savvy customers are already thinking spring and summer with these merchandising tips. To make sure you, your offerings, and your merchandising speak their language, here are some key trends in women’s fashion for the upcoming seasons. We’ve included 7 major trends (from bgfashion.net), each followed by one of our own tips on how you … [Read more...]

Golden Holiday Windows

Silhouette UK is running a window display contest and they sent this idea. Perfect for the holidays. In gold with white boxes and gold wrapping accented with Silhouette's luxury crystal laden eyewear. It is a quick elegant look and tells a rich story.... we like it. Via Silhouette UK  … [Read more...]

Six Spectacular Holiday Window Displays

Tis the season to spectac-u-lize your holiday windows. People are out and about... shopping and spending... this is your time to shine. We love these eye-catching holiday displays including some humorous 'meme' motifs. Don't be afraid to add some writing and fun.. people like to laugh! … [Read more...]

A&A Optical Launches Style Your Crocs Eyewear Contest

A&A Optical announced a new contest, Style Your Crocs Eyewear. Customers are invited to “style” CrocsTM Eyewear in their dispensary and submit vignette photos to A&A Optical. The first 20 entries will receive a free Crocs Eyewear frame. Three display winners will be selected on November 30, 2015. Prizes include $125 Gift Card, $75 Gift … [Read more...]

A Spooktacular Halloween Window

Nothing is more fun than a great Halloween window. This gothic display takes some scary characters, Herman Munster, Grandpa Munster and Dracula and put eyeglasses on them. A draped white sheets, bats, candelabra, black accessories and it makes a classic haunted house look. … [Read more...]

Eyewear Display For Talk Like A Pirate Day

Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19 and why not dress up your office with Pirate Displays, that will also carry you over into Halloween. Very few changes would have be made to convert over to a Halloween Display/ Vintage elements, old boxes, treasure chest, skull and bones, make this a scary display and when Pirates Day is over, add in a few … [Read more...]

Five Ways To Use Color Blind Decor

You have probably seen or read about the so called color blind T-shirts, which are not funny. They are basically profane t-shirts that color blind people cannot read. Appalling. There are other color blind T-shirts from companies such as zazzle that are amusing. In reality growing up color blind whether man or women, leads to many challenges. … [Read more...]

Iris Inspired Decor

Part of Brand Building is merchandising. Merchandising is the business of brand building, making sales via product and service displays. Your brand is who you are and what you do and what you stand for. Merchandising drives traffic and who would not want to come into your eyecare office to view these incredible works of Iris Art. Mark Quinn … [Read more...]

Eyewear Merchandising For World Typewriter Day June 23

World Typewriter Day is on June 23 which is the anniversary of the granting of the U.S. patent to Christopher Latham Sholes in 1868. Probably at some point in our lives, when the electricity goes out, our phones are down, this is the one item that will survive. Typewriters are actually becoming a hot little item and I have seen prices at resale … [Read more...]

DIY Sunglass Display (Holders)

Continuing on with National Craft Month, here is a quick and easy DIY Sunglass Display project with a tutorial. You only need 6 tools to make this.  From The Pretty Blog  For more ideas visit: D-eye- Y Sunglass Display Ideas, or visit our  Pinterest Board: Great Sunglass Storage Ideas.   … [Read more...]

Four Eyewear Eggtasy Easter Displays

Easter is April 5 and surveys say that 69% of Americans who celebrate this holiday. Whether you celebrate or now, these are some cute Easter and fun Eyewear Displays that you can use for Easter or Spring. You can either make these yourself or find in a craft shop.       … [Read more...]

Eight Spring Sunglass Displays

March is the time to ramp up the sunglasses. The new sunglasses are out, people are sick of the winter and sunglasses bring visions of warmth.  We love the concept of pairing yummy food with matching mirrored lenses. This pairing of healthy food and healthy eyewear, looks too good to eat. Who doesn't love colorful rubber duckies … [Read more...]

WileyX Introduces In-Store Sunglass Display

Wiley X®, Inc. has introduced a new in-store sunglass display developed to help dealers do an even better job of showing, promoting and selling the company’s unique brand of Absolute Premium Protection™. This well-lit locking display is designed to take up minimum floor space while drawing customers’ attention to Wiley X’s full array of stylish, … [Read more...]

12 Unusual Places To Find Eye Charts

There are three things that really symbolize eyecare: Eyeglasses, a phoropter and of course Eye Charts. When you google eye charts, there are over 16 Million Results, which make Eye Charts a trending and searchable item on the internet. It makes sense for eyecare professionals to incorporate Eye Charts and eyeglasses somewhere in their office. Here … [Read more...]

11 Ways To Use Eyewear Signs

We follow Frances Stolz of Backyard Spectacles on Pinterest and Facebook and absolutely love what she she is doing with her giant eyewear sculptures. She has made business card holders, tables, chairs and numerous other eyewear themed decor and furniture that are so much fun. Nothing shouts about who you are with a giant sunglass in your windows … [Read more...]