Using Color In Eyecare Marketing

One of the most difficult things to do is choose color. While you can use personal preferences, there is a color psychology involved and it behooves an eyecare professional to pay attention. Shamir wrote an interesting post on the use of Color in marketing. You’re accustomed to thinking about color in terms of store décor and product design, … [Read more...]

The Cost of Poor Websites

As we go into 2018, one area eyecare professionals to consider is re-looking at their website. I am on an average of 20 optical websites a day and the majority of them are so horrendous. (Our is too.. which is why we getting a new look for 2018.) The day is gone where you slap up a website and leave for the next 5 years.... you have to review the … [Read more...]

The Future of The Eyecare Industry And Marketing

As we go into 2018,  it behooves an eyecare practice to take a minute or a day to evaluate the practice and optical industry trends and your marketing plans for the year and upcoming years. The Vision Council's report on Trends is a good place to start. Over the past couple of years, it seems like there are dozens of businesses trying to … [Read more...]

Who’s Your Competition?

The eyewear industry is expected to reach $136 billion by 2021 according to Euromonitor. That includes eyewear, sunglasses, accessories and readers.  2017 was a year of many changes in the optical industry. Essilor merged with Luxottica, Hoya bought to  bought VisionEase Lens, 3M Safety and got into the 3D eyewear arena. Hilco acquireded, … [Read more...]

25 e-tail Eyewear Entrepreneurs

At one time Selling online- or e-commerce was tantamount to being ostracized from eyecare professionals. One of the first big e-tail eyewear online, was started by two optometrists back in the mid 1990's. Over the years quite a few eyecare professionals have tried to get into the online game only to find out it is tough going then … [Read more...]

Eighteen Eyewear Entrepreneurs

The problem with doing only one eyecare list for 'Entrepreneur Day' is many get missed out. The eyecare offices that are doing 'lenses only', mobile opticians, the optical shops that integrated vintage , into their dispensary. We haven't even touched equipment and consultants But we did pull together 18 Eyewear Eyecare Entrepreneurs, who are … [Read more...]

Signet Armorlite Opens 2nd Kodak Lens Eyecare Center

CARLSBAD, CA (November, 2017) -- Signet Armorlite, Inc. announces the next strategic phase of its US professional services initiative with the launch of the second KODAK Lens| Heitmeier Eyecare location in New Orleans, LA. This KODAK Lens initiative continues to provide independent eyecare professionals (iECPs) that are committed to dispensing … [Read more...]

America Matters Day Is November 19: Made In USA Optical Goods

November is the time we list our bi-annual Made in USA Optical-Eyewear Listing. We are happy to announce that we have added a many new listings to include more eyewear and accessories plus we added a few contact lens companies. Just as an FYI, the Monday after Thanksgiving is, in which the consumer pledges to buy local. When … [Read more...]

TO DO: Prepare For Mobile Shopping During Holidays

As you prepare for the holidays, there are a few items to make note of and be prepared for. In particular Online Shopping is growing.  Therefore make sure your website is mobile friendly, beef up your #hashtags and online social media selling sites. Amazon Shipped more than 1 billion items in 2016 making it their best year ever and sales up 9x … [Read more...]

How To Promote Made In America Eyecare Products

America Made Matters Day is November 19 of every year. With the consumer is increasingly looking to support both Local and Made in America Products, Eyecare Professional can set up a Store within a Store Concept in their office, a designated spot just for Made in America products. Is made in USA products important? According to a 2015 Consumer … [Read more...]

Eyecare Retail Strategies In 2018: Pop Up Stores

As eyecare professionals are looking for new ways to reach consumers, you might reconsider POP UP Stores, which is now more that a trend.. it is a way of doing business. In fact Pop Up Republic now puts the value of Pop-Ups at $50 billion.. That $50 Billion includes eyecare as well as celebrity POP UPs with featured limited edition products from … [Read more...]

New Online Eyecare Directory

So many directories so little time..manta, citysearch, yellowpages, YELP, expertise, Angie's List.. the list goes on and one  and here we are introducing a new state- city- national eyecare directory called Glasses Local. Glasses Local started out this year (2017) as a result of several optical professionals wanting a good directory of independent … [Read more...]

How to Ensure Accessibility for Every Online Audience

We are so focussed on eyewear and vision that we might tend to forget other impaired audiences that also go online and need eye exams.  Ran across a good article on Accessibility for Every Online Audience, that is an interesting read for those who are looking to update their online presence. As of 2012, there were roughly 7.6 million web … [Read more...]

David Kind, Creates Online Sales Channel for Optometrists with ECP Partnership Program

With optometry offices losing sales to direct-to-consumer ecommerce, eyewear designer provides online sales channel to help eye care professionals create new revenue streams and offer patients convenience SAN DIEGO, CA – October, 2017 – David Kind, a leading provider of high-quality prescription eyewear online, is announcing its ECP Partnership … [Read more...]

10 Marketing Lessons From Apple

Many years ago we did a post on 14 Merchandising Lessons from Apple, Apple being the most successful retailer in the world. How did this one little company go from almost bankruptcy a few years back to being one of the most innovative companies and most successful in the world? \ During these confusing times for retailers, we recommend that … [Read more...]