Transitions On-It With Multi-Cultural Marketing Guides

TRANSITIONS OPTICAL’S NEW MULTICULTURAL “WHAT TO EXPECT” BROCHURES EDUCATE ON VISION CARE NEEDS OF DIVERSE GROUPS Transitions Optical, Inc. is expanding its popular “What to Expect” brochure series to aid eyecare professionals in educating their culturally diverse patients about their unique eye care needs. Three new brochures – … [Read more...]

A Little Extra Plastic for Premium Eyeglass Lenses

The premium eyeglass lens companies made a smart move when they introduced the personalized plastic cards that accompany the optical patient's premium lens purchase. Not only does it make the customer feel better about the product but the added Rx information makes it a very useful item for the optical patient. This way they have a record of not … [Read more...]

Groupon- The New Trend Of Consumer Purchasing

Every time I turn around today, somebody is telling me about Groupon. My friend Ginny uses Groupon at least once a week and she has friends who use Groupon Groupies. For those who didn't know (like me) Groupon is a collective buying discount service. There has been other types of collective buying services over the years but apparently Groupon is … [Read more...]

Eyecare Store Within An Eyecare Store Concept

What is a store within a store concept? You have seen it, walk into any grocery store and you can see Starbucks, Florist, Balloons, Bakery, Organic Food, Banks, Magazine Rack even furniture. That is the basis of a Store Within A Store Concept. All over retail stores are picking up the retail trend of 'stores within stores' to attract shoppers, … [Read more...]

Breaking Even-Optical Retail Strategies

I did an ABO class on Retail Math at Monterey Symposium last year. Although 'math' may seem boring to most people, it is crucial to the success in an eyecare practice. I was surprised that none of the attendees except one person (from Wal-Mart) knew anything about retail math and the importance to overall optical profitability and good optical … [Read more...]

Do You Want Jam With Your Eyeglasses?

Not such a silly question if you think about the concept of combining two totally non-competing businesses with an overlapping customer base that can create some synergy. It is an interesting and out of the box retail strategy. I saw this working really well during my recent visit to the U.K. at the Cedar Coffee Shop and the Cedar Clinic. The … [Read more...]

Whats Hot For Summer- Skin Cancer Prevention Eyecare Supplies

The sun is finally shining you, the family and your patients are starting to venture outdoors and it's time to think Skin Cancer Prevention! The Eye Care Professional has many products to offer for skin cancer prevention and eye health. Top Tips For Preventing Skin Cancer Avoid the sun, especially from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., when the sun's rays … [Read more...]

What is Street Wear+Hip Hop Wear? Teen Spending

Streetwear as not to be confused with Hip Hop wear is pretty much what the title says, clothing and accessories worn on the street. To me they are pretty much the same, but I'm not the fashion expert! Originating from skateboarding or skatewear, the appeal is to teens, the look is retro '80's. Starting out in Japan, the look has spread … [Read more...]

EyeCare Professionals Eco-Friendly Marketing Tips- Websites To YELP

Eyecare professional all over the world are promoting eco-friendly and green  eyecare on their websites and blogs. We thought we would give you some examples of what they are saying on their sites: From Stare Eyewear Going Green - Stare Eyewear Uses Eco-friendly Eyewear Manufacturers We feature organic eyewear by Maui Jim and ic! … [Read more...]

Eye Care Services For Gift Registries? $19 Billion Spent On Gift Registries

I'm big on gift certificates prominently shown in an office. Here is another idea, offer eyecare for gift registries. Think about how many baby and wedding showers there are plus open house parties, anniversary parties. It's huge and a huge opportunity for Eye Care Professionals. Eye Bogglers 2.3 million couples wed every year in the US. … [Read more...]

Road Warriors- Opportunities For Eyecare Professionals

Road Warriors are people that basically spend their time travelling on the road, whether in a car, a train or airplanes. Both Shirley and I are experienced road warriors. As glamorous as it may sound to many people, it is a hard life. You are never home, and when you do come home, you spend your time, cleaning, shopping, unpacking, re-packing, … [Read more...]

Optical Frame Board Management

Frame Board Management by ClearVision Optical At the center of every successful dispensary is a well-managed frame board. From a customer’s point of view, you are your frame board. In other words, what they see on the board and how it’s arranged speaks volumes about your office. That’s why practices that take the extra time to carefully review, … [Read more...]

Free Stuff From Google- Mapping Eyecare Offices

Both Shirley and I try to take advantage of everything we can Free from Google. We use email, Docs, Calendar, Analytics, Feedburner (subscription) and more. One of the most useful tools an eyecare professional can use is Google Maps, especially since so many mobile and desktop users are turning to Google Maps to find local and other … [Read more...]

Understanding Our Celebrity Craving and Celebrity Eyewear Need

I read a great article by Neal Gabler in Newsweek last month  about understanding our craven celebrity culture. It is interesting and we need to understand it because we see this so much with eyewear. Every eyewear company wants George Clooney, Lindsay Lohan, Bragelina, etc. etc. to be photographed wearing their brand of eyewear no matter … [Read more...]

Optical Frame Pricing – OVS Readers’ Comments

One of our favorite features of blogging is the immediate interaction it allows with the readers. However, as we have new posts every day comments on the preceding articles  can get lost in the shuffle. We have a regular commentator, Jamie Hansel and he always makes great points and shares a lot of good experiences. In fact we published one of his … [Read more...]