Shamelessly Plugging Your Business

The first thing in shamelessly plugging your business is to check your wallet or purse to see that you have a stack of business cards. The second thing- make sure all staff are carrying a stack of business cards. As they say,  you must always be prepared. How many times have you been out for dinner, at the grocery store, at the gym and you see … [Read more...]

Zenni Optical And The Eyecare Professional

Can $8.00 frame and lens packages be quality? This subject came up with 2 of our sponsor labs, who had both ordered from Zenni to test the quality of the lens. Both said the exact same thing- the Rx was right on, the frames were low quality, and if they were a consumer and didn't know any better, they would probably order from Zenni. To find out … [Read more...]

Eye Care and Cause Related Marketing

Cause Related Marketing  (CRM) is a very powerful tool in business and in which increasingly more companies  and non- profits are leveraging . Not only that, studies have been conducted to show that cause related marketing has helped to increase a company's profits. Cause Related marketing is growing and the projections are $1.55 Billion on cause … [Read more...]

Eye-Care Profitability- Affiliate Marketing

Before I start on this subject, I want to stress that 1.) It is important to sell your optical products and services that you currently offer online first. You have already invested in the product. 2.) The only affiliate program we use is Amazon. An Affiliate Program is basically a program in which an online company allows you to sell their … [Read more...]

Online Mark-Down Calculator- Free Stuff

One of my favorite sites is About. If you are looking for retail information, they have everything! One of the great tools they offer is a retail Mark-Down Calculator , a handy, simple online calculator  which you can use to determine your profit and loss of mark-down items. I am a true believer in marking down items instead of returning. Why … [Read more...]

Increase Sales with an Eyecare Sales Room

'Learn the magic of creating traffic stopping stores, stores that help create compelling and distinctive experiences for the customer. Like the experience of entering a store and be surrounded by light, color, texture, and sound, and be transported to a different place. Learn to create interactive sales rooms (not showrooms) to engage the customer … [Read more...]

Optical Marketing- Hispanic Eyecare

I read this article Focusing on Hispanic Eyecare (from Peter Kehoe OD) and began thinking about where do the Hispanics go to get their eyes examined. Living in California, where most most of the Hispanics live, I am surprised to not see more advertising in Spanish for the Latino market. Eye Bogglers May 2009 The U.S. Census Bureau reported … [Read more...]

Optical Profitability-Sales Per Square Foot

Total Net Sales ÷ Square Feet of Selling Space = Sales per Square Foot of Selling Space You are renting a 1000 square foot space for $5.00 a square foot or $5,000 a month in rent. In addition, you have utilities, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, taxes, water not to mention stock and employees. Your sales are $300,000 per year which makes your … [Read more...]

EyeCare-Face to Face Networking

Despite all the Social Media-eye-zing -face to face person networking is crucial to the success of your optical office. Meeting new people is productive and you can have fun as well. Not all networking has to be about business. As a small business owner, face to face meetings can help you discuss mutual problems, come to solutions and network for … [Read more...]

Optical Inventory Management- Inventory Turns

Probably one of the most frustrating and irritating things about running your own business is inventory control. How much do you carry, how do you organize, what to buy, what do the customers want and the most important how to sell and turn merchandise? After years of teaching inventory management the number #1 thing you must remember about your … [Read more...]

Professional Courtesies and Discounting

Question #2 from one of our Subscribers: How do other owners handle the issue of professional or neighboring business discounts? I've been told that I am too generous with my discounts to neighboring stores by my family and friends and then when i purchase something from their stores I am charged regular price !!! What is the proper … [Read more...]

Humorous Ways to Deal with Recession Fears

A great article in the Sunday San Diego Union was talking about the creative and fun ways businesses are coming up with in dealing with the recession. I really liked the idea of the Soup-Line Party in which guests were invited to BYOB (bring your own bowl), in which they received a free ladle of soup. (They filled the restaurant) What these … [Read more...]

Optical Profitability- Appointment Setting

Do you focus on getting and tracking appointments? Having a full appointment book should guarantee a measure of success and profitability in an office. It also helps determine your break even point, i.e. having 50 appointments a month to pays the bills.  The crucial question- is appointment setting shared with all staff? If is isn't you might … [Read more...]

New Optical Patient Capture and Acquisition Program

This new product introduced at the Greater New York Dental Meeting will help dentists reach the YouTube generation. They offer both video and text- After reviewing the video, this sounds like the smoothest, easiest and lest time consuming way to reach the younger- mobile marketing and social media aware optical patients.   We think it's worth … [Read more...]

Standing Out From Your Optical Competition

Making yourself different from the competition is all about managing customers expectations and giving them not only what they expect and a little extra. At one time you would have gone to Starbucks because they offer free WiFi. Now even the smallest diners or cafe's offer Free WiFi. Before you embark on your 'Standing out From The Competition' … [Read more...]