Quora Curated Answers to Eyewear Questions

A site that shows up frequently on page 1 of google is Quora. Quora is a question-and-answer website where questions are created, answered, edited and organized by its community of users. The company was founded in June 2009, and the website was made available to the public on June 21, 2010. Quora aggregates questions and answers to topics. To … [Read more...]

Should You Offer ‘Made In’ Information?

I was reading this article on Retail Wire that said Fashion e-sites should offer ‘Made In’ info just like stores 'Pure play e-tailers typically have an overhead advantage over their physical store competitors. They have also held an edge when it comes to sales tax collection, although groups such as the Main Street Fairness Coalition have called on … [Read more...]

The Future of Eyecare And RFID

You may have heard the term RFID before and now you might be thinking what does this have to do with eyecare? A lot as it happens. RFID is 'Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is the use of radio waves to read and capture information stored on a tag attached to an object. A tag can be read from up to several feet away and does not need to … [Read more...]

Google Focus: Smart Phones-Need Mobile Friendly Websites

It’s no secret that we live in a mobile world today. Most of us feel naked without our smart phone by our side. It’s usually the first thing we check when we wake up and one of the last things we put down when we go to sleep at night. There is a joke going around that says “I’m having a few people over later to stare at their phones if you would … [Read more...]

Op-Ed: Monopolies And Evil Empires

'There is no karmic law that dictates your business will succeed if others fail, so why not just wish them well and get on with it? (#Girlboss) I have to say my piece because frankly the Evil Empire posts, Warby Parker is crap and the monopoly subject is over or at least should be over. Let me ask you this: Do you stop ordering and funding … [Read more...]

Eyewear Curators Part 4: Ethical Fashion

As consumers start to Green Up they are spending more on Ethical Shopping. For them it makes sense to Look Good, Feel Good and Do Good and they want to spend their money with socially responsible companies that address environmental and social issues. This market is proven to be recession proof and growing up to 20% per year. Big Retail and … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Compete Against Amazon

So much screaming against online retailers and companies such as Warby Parker, but never once has anyone screamed about the biggest elephant in the room Amazon. While Amazon cannot give an exam you can buy eyeglasses, sunglasses, readers and accessories all on Amazon for a good price. It is easy to do as over 171 Million people log into Amazon … [Read more...]

Eyecare Trends: Membership Subscription Shopping

For years consumers have gotten used to membership shopping: Credit Cards, Travel, Cost-Co and Amazon Prime. Consumers in the U.S. hold 3.3 billion memberships in customer loyalty programs. A 2015 survey by COLLOQUY says that specialty store loyalty memberships now total 434 million. (Eyecare could fall in this category) Retailers such as REI … [Read more...]

Small Is The Next Big Story And Big Box Fatigue

I never go into malls and walk around and or shop. Why... they are boring, boring, boring. Same stores with the same merchandise I see over and over again on Social Media. Sales mean nothing anymore, a huge yawn, it still is the same old story, which is why Big Retail including Mass Merchants are going small. Big Box Retailers such as Best Buy, … [Read more...]

Marketing Opportunities: Creating by Curating

Long ago in the days of yore, people were lucky to even have eyeglasses. Eyewear was sold by roving peddlers and jewelers. There were very few styles and the choices were uni-sex, made with either metal or a natural material in round, square and oval, full frame and rimless. Starting in late 1880's sports eyewear in particular glacier … [Read more...]

10 Online Selling Strategies For Eyecare Professionals

Shamir had some fantastic selling online strategies for eyecare professionals if you choose to get into the online retail arena. Online can complement in-store, for sure. Here we feature 10 ways to sell online without selling out, plus tips on how to balance brick with click. Tip: Don’t sell the same eyewear online that you do at your … [Read more...]

Shark Shack Sunglasses

Are their optical companies with Shark names? We found one in Florida, Shark Shack Sunglasses who has one review. … [Read more...]

Freemonium Benefits

We are becoming a Freemonium culture. Who doesn't want FREE stuff! When we go to the dentist, they give us a dental kit and we feel appreciated. Costco hands out free samples of food. The reason why.. loyalty. VisionWeb gives us a few more tips on the benefits of handing out Freebies. Optical Resources: The Benefits of Handing Out … [Read more...]

Loved This Appointment Reminder

Many of you are probably already using a text appointment reminder program. My dentist uses Smile Reminder (Solution Reach) and they just started doing this for those of us that didn't reschedule our canceled dental appointment. They texted open slots for the next day. All you had to do was click the phone number and set it up. Apparently it … [Read more...]

Step By Step Guide To Building Your Eyecare Brand

There are many factors involved in brand building and it is probably one of the hardest things to do, staying focussed on your business, what you stand for and your vision. Everything you do from your logo, your colors, decor, products and service is involved in building the brand. Essentially your brand is your identity. It defines who you are. … [Read more...]