Free Seminar- How to Use Online Video for Marketing

I don't know if any of you attended the last HubSpot seminar on Social Media Marketing. I find these 1 hour webinairs excellent information on how to grow any business using the tools available for free on the Internet. One of my favorites is  Hub Spot- who seems to have a FREE seminar about once a month: The next Webinair is June 10 at 1 EST: On … [Read more...]

iPhone Optical Marketing-Sherpa Coupon-FREE Stuff

I just downloaded on my iPhone the Coupon Sherpa (FREE). Instead of clipping coupons and getting even more junk mail, you can use coupons on your iphone! All the clerk has to do is scan the coupon from the phone. Makes a alot of sense to me. It offers you coupons by your area- so you can target market better! “We know that paper coupons will not … [Read more...]

Viral Marketing: Creating a World Wide Optical Rave

I had previously posted a FREE Webinair with HubSpot on Using Social Media to Attract More Customers. Another great webinair HubSpot gave- was this very interesting and informative update with David Meerman Scott, on Viral Marketing and Creating a World Wide Rave. (We hope that happens to us!) Something to consider when you are evaluating your … [Read more...]

42% of Optical Buyers Go Online First Before Making a Purchase

We have been writing about YELP, Social Media, Consumer Wants to Know and all that unsexy stuff- well now you can read about the latest optical industry trends. WESTERVILLE, Ohio - (Business Wire) Forty-two percent of recent eyeglass and contact lens buyers report influence from online media, the same percentage as traditional media, revealing … [Read more...]

Free Seminar- How to Use Social Media to Attract More Customers

One of the biggest topics of conversation we have had with vendors and the independent eyecare provider is Social Marketing or Networking. How to use it, how it works and how to succeed and especially how to separate your personal life from the business life. We at Optical Vision Site are still trying to figure that out, but this is what we know- … [Read more...]

Cool Blog by Dickson Chen O.D.

We have been writing about websites, blogs, google, analytics and techno driven tools to help you reach a wider audience to increase your business. As we find various sites, we will post them as examples of what you can also do. High Definition Vision- is a blog by Dr. Chen, which is not just about optical. His intro- 'Though you'll find I'm … [Read more...]

Optical Web Hosting by Blue Host- Free Stuff

I don't know what Web Host/Server you are using and the services they may provide. We use GoDaddy and of course signed up for 2 years (good for SEO) but in another site- Blue Host has a lot of FREE Tools you can use to track your business. If you use Blue Host- Go to Blue Host and click on  Your Domain (view)  and on the Left Sidebar there is … [Read more...]

Do’s and Don’ts of Web-site Building

We are not experts in either blogs or web-site building- as much as we try to learn- we still have a long way to go. Here is some advice from the experts: Search Engine Watch - Good Advice and Barry Wise- on SEO 'It is more difficult for small businesses to compete on a global level for competitive terms with high profile companies, … [Read more...]

A Case for Promoting Eyecare Services Online

We wonder why the optical professional does not promote their services online. In the process of listing our blog on website and blog directories we noticed under the 'Health' category many directories have a separate listing for Dentistry yet there is no separate Listing for Eye Health, Vision, Optometry, Ophthalmology, Opticians. Google … [Read more...]

Optimizing Your Optical Website- Google Analytics- Traffic Sources

Part 2 - Follow up on Google Analytics Optimizing Your Website On your Dashboard (Home Page) on the Left Sidebar is a category- Traffic Sources. (click it) A whole other world opens up! Top Section - Traffic Sources Overview Shows Your Hits Middle Section- Traffic Sources sent a total of 24,316 Visits Using the Examples shown: 3.90% … [Read more...]

Selling Optical Services Online

Should you sell your optical products and services online? You know it's the future, you know the Internet may be hurting your optical services, you also know it could be a strong revenue source reaching a larger patient market base. You wouldn't be limited to your geographic area and it could provide customer satisfaction as well as enhance … [Read more...]

Optimizing Your Optical Website- Google Analytics

If you are a techie guru, you probably don't need to read this. If you have a website or a blog and are not getting the hits or subscribers you want, consider reading this post. As we learn the basics of Search Engine Optimizing- we are going to pass on what we are learning about SEO to you. Why is this important? For you, to gain new patients … [Read more...]

Can YELP Help? Grow Your Optical Business

I'm online alot, doing research, trying to come up with ways to help you grow your optical business. Another great source is YELP. "Yelp is an online city guide made up of real reviews from real people. Yelp's goal is to connect people with great local businesses. YELP founded in 2004 by two former PayPal employees, Yelp is a local reviews website … [Read more...]

6 Free Sites to Increase Your Optical Business

This article is for those who have a website or a blog. First I want to tell you I am the most un-techie person you could possible meet- but there are all these great tools to help you grow your business Free Financial Calculators- This this has over 300 different calculators, from saving, business, loan and debt, taxes, debt and … [Read more...]

Are You X-Rated? The Consumer Wants to Know

Have you ever checked out what the consumers say about you and your services? If you haven't I highly recommend you do so. You see, it doesn't make any difference what you think, it's what the consumer thinks. Just Google optical/optometrist/opthalmogist ratings in your city and see what they say. Here is the reviews of my ex-dentist. I wish I … [Read more...]