Vision Expo Launches Online Community: VisionariesCommunity

Visionaries nurtures year-round dialogue for eyecare profession Norwalk, CT (September, 2015) —International Vision Expo & Conference, the leading eyecare tradeshow in the Americas, announces the launch of, a new social sharing, networking and information hub developed exclusively for the growing Vision … [Read more...]

SEO And Eyecare Marketing

Getting found in search is becoming more and more of a challenge. Not everyone can be found on pages 1-3 without paying big bucks for certain keywords. That is where SEO comes in and VisionWeb has provided helpful tips on SEO and how to get found in the morass of the Internet. If you've ever done any kind of research regarding online marketing … [Read more...]

Websites We Like: Jones And Co

Surfing on the web, we ran across this site, Jones and Co, styling opticians since 1989. What I loved about this site is the conversational tone, you can tell Conor Heaney is speaking from the heart. He addresses in a nice but firm way the value of his company and their customer service and products, without 'selling'. My sense is he takes pride in … [Read more...]

Changes at Google That Might Affect Your Web Traffic

There have been a lot of changes at Google the past couple of weeks. The change that is most immediately relevant for your optometry practice is the 3-pack. Google 3-Packs Until last week, the first page of Google’s local search results displayed seven of the top local results along with a local area map with pins at the location of those … [Read more...]

How Dr. Silverman Celebrated National Pizza Day (2016

Absolutely loved this post by Eyecare 2020 in celebration of National Pizza Day. National Pizza Day is November 12 and National Cheese Pizza Day is September 5. You can do the same type of post either on your blog or Facebook with any food holiday. (See Food Holidays ) What I love, he is interacting with local business and helping to promote them, … [Read more...]

Ten Eyecare Ways To Have Fun With Photobombing

I watched a Celebrity Apprentice where the celebs had to do a PhotoBomb with HashTags for a promotion with Hawaiian Bread. I thought they did a pretty bad job of it, but I am not a marketing expert, this was TV and it was for charity. I loved The concept although. Eyecare professionals can utilize photo-bombing for various promotions in their … [Read more...]

Pinterest Adds One Click Browse To Shop Pin

For those who are using Pinterest, it has gotten easier to purchase through now called Buyable Pins. With these pins it will become easier to convert from Browser to Buyer. Finally the small business owner has a way to compete against the Big Boys. Buyable pins are being released slowly, appearing in the US on the iPhone and the iPad apps. New … [Read more...]

EyeCarePro PR: Introducing New Pay-Per-Click Service, ODPPC!

Toronto, ON Canada - 6/2015)  - EyeCarePro announces new Google PPC service has been added to enhance its optometry-focused online marketing programs. The new pay-per-click service provides practices with another option to reach potential patients in today’s competitive online climate. EyeCarePro’s ODPPC is designed to produce the most … [Read more...]

Your Guide to Creating the Best Optical Social Media Post

Perfecting your social media game can prove to be quite the challenge at times. We know that your eyecare practice keeps you extremely busy and that social media can sometimes get pushed to the very bottom of your to-do list. That is why today we want to share with you some strategies that will help you master the craft of creating great posts that … [Read more...]

What Are Eyecare Professionals Sharing On Facebook?

I am sure there are a few of you that are experience FFS (Facebook Frustration Syndrome) How to get on timelines, how to get more likes, how to get the word out about your products, how to build your brand, what to share, what to say when sharing, who follow. We have two FB pages, and quite honestly, I was dogging it so bad, it was terrible and … [Read more...]

The Modern Marketeer: Part Scientist and Part Artist

About six years ago for a very short time, marketing got really easy for eye care professionals. No more $3,000 a month yellow page ads, no more direct mail pieces, all you had to do was put up a Facebook page, dabble in Twitter and do some email blasts... If you were a bigger office, you may have hired a PR firm to send press releases and maybe … [Read more...]

EyeCare Professionals And Twitter

If you have a Twitter account and are paying attention to it, you are most likely seeing growth. With sales of tablets and smart phones people are turning to Twitter to pick their news. For those who use other Social Media Platforms but not Twitter, you can automate your Twitter by directly linking it to Facebook and Pinterest. Both of those Social … [Read more...]

Eyecare Video Marketing: Create a Successful Video/Photo Shoot

Want to make sure your Eyecare Practice looks its best on camera? Well, you should want to, because as we mentioned in our last two digital tips, photos and video marketing are going to attract a lot of attention to your Practice, so you want to “dress to impress” so to say. Looking your best means more than just sharp dress of course. There are … [Read more...]

EyeCare Video Marketing

In digital tip #45, I explained why it’s time to start using video to promote your Practice. Effectively employing video to enhance your eyecare practice marketing requires strategy and planning. While there is no limit to the number of or possibilities for the videos you can create, you want to approach each one with a professional and … [Read more...]

How To Do Keyword Research For SEO

One of our favorite social media gurus that we listen and subscribe to is HubSpot. One of the biggest issues today is how to get found via SEO (search engine optimization) They had an excellent article that we highly recommend you read on SEO and key words. 'While Google keeps us on our toes with all the algorithm updates they keep rollin' out, … [Read more...]