Good News For Eye Care Providers! Wearable Computers

This is the latest computer coming out by Glacier Computer and yes you wear it on your wrist. The Ridgeline W200 is not meant to be a mainline computer- but who knows- it will be the latest for gadget people- and all those gadget people will need glasses to see the screen! This is an opportunity to gear up on computer eye strain and lenses. To read … [Read more...]

What Consumer Reports Don’t Tell Prescription Eyeglass Wearers

I think it is very unfortunate that focus so much on price rather than value. The most recent report on prescription eyewear continues to perpetuate the myth that eyeglasses are expensive and consumers should shop for the cheapest pair! I think the report is accurate as far as just the price for a pair of eyeglasses but there is … [Read more...]

Green Buyers Grow As Economy Sinks

If you are interested in what the consumer is looking for, and what direction you could be heading your optical office- take a look at the below consumer buying trends. 34% of consumers are MORE LIKELY TO BUY ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE PRODUCTS. From Environmental Leader FEBRUARY 19, 2009 Green Buyers Grow As Economy … [Read more...]

Optical Industry Trends- Sustainability Wins-

  The Tree Hugger in me- is so happy to hear this reports. A.T. Kearney in his latest report announced that Sustainable companies are up by 15% , even in a financial crisis. To read more, please go to Environmental Leader … [Read more...]

Kaiser Permanente to Green the Health Care Industry

This is an old article from 2007. What is interesting is Kaiser started Greening Health, way before it became the 'In Thing' to do. They were visionary in evaluating what is best for not only their patients but their staff is well.  From California Green Solutions Kaiser Permanente has created the Global Health and Safety Initiative (GHSI) to … [Read more...]

State of the Optical Industry

We received a report from Vision Watch, stating the optical industry was down $500 Million in 2008. Vision Watch tracks and looks at the whole optical industry and publishes reports with market trends. "VisionWatchsm is the only large scale continuous consumer measurement exclusively designed for the eyewear and eyecare industry. VisionWatch is … [Read more...]

Consumer Spending Habits- Does This Affect The Optical Market?

Good News for Retailers- Competing in this market- Consumers are still buying! By Mike Duff "Just how consumers will respond to the economic downturn is a question retailers and their suppliers are beginning to understand, and evidence continues to accumulate that shoppers will spend money on the purchases that provide comfort and some … [Read more...]

Vision Care at Work

As those of us in the industry well know, a lot of people do not have an annual eye exam and many adults have never had their eyes examined even if they have employer sponsored vision insurance. I think a lot more people would have an eye exam if they did not have to take time off from work and if it was conveniently available at their place of … [Read more...]