7 Online Optical And Eyecare Marketing Tools

These days it seems as though online marketing trends are changing daily, and if you aren't a full-fledged marketer yourself, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends and tools. That's why our marketing team put together a quick list of online marketing tools that your eyecare practice can try if you're struggling with one of these common … [Read more...]

Words Matter

This morning I was in line to get coffee when the gentleman in front of me took particular umbrage to the sign posted next to the register. He did not have a credit card on him and stormed out of the shop complaining about their incompetence. As if he expected a coffee shop to be staffed with MBA’s instead of aspiring philosophy and art … [Read more...]

First eCommerce Site Ranking Based on Store Performance and Shopability

As we have all seen over the last several years, websites have become increasingly more important. They need to be easy to read, fast loading, with just the right amount of text. Add in a shopping cart or set an appointment plus update products.. lets just say the day is over that you just spend a few hours and put a website. The factors going into … [Read more...]

Hurry, Get Into The SSL Lane

Let’s face it, it’s pretty much Google’s world. Google so dominates the online world, that when Google says you should do something, it’s a pretty good idea to do it. That is if you care about how your website appears in the some 3.5 billion searches that are conducted on the site each and every day. That’s 40,000 searches every second to those of … [Read more...]

Optical Patient Testimonials – Run Over By a Pickup Truck and Lived to Tell

Testimonials are great marketing tools and it is a good idea to have optical patient testimonials from your own optical practice. You can also  supplement these with real testimonials from your optical vendors particularly when you are talking to your optical patients about different lens materials and lens treatments. One of my favorite lens … [Read more...]

Sleep And Eye Health- Opportunities For Eyecare Professionals

I started this post because after reading this article on the untapped market for eye health supplements, I realized that many offices may not realize the opportunities that go beyond lutein, fish oil and the like. Sleep disorders are a huge market potential that 1.) Effect eye health 2.) Can be helped by the optical professional 3.) Offer an … [Read more...]


I can't believe summer is almost over but alas it is and we are just finishing up the dog days of summer. Do you know what the dog days of summer means? According to Wikipedia the term "Dog Days" was used by the Greeks, as well as the ancient Romans (who called these days caniculares dies (days of the dogs)) after Sirius (the "Dog Star", in Latin … [Read more...]

Put Your Optical Business on “Hold”

We are all thinking about cost effective  marketing more than ever and we usually think about web sites, social networking etc. and forget about the obvious one - the telephone system! Put your optical business on "hold" the right way so it can help your sales rather than hurt them.  Hersey Productions Inc., an audio production studio produce … [Read more...]

What Eyeglasses Say About You

Taryn Winter Brill with Good Morning America, ABC News did a fun, "What Eyeglasses Say About You", segment recently. It was a set-up of three scenarios, with and without eyeglasses. The goal was to find out what perceptions people have about those that wear eyeglasses, i.e. what eyeglasses say about you. The three scenarios were dating, a job … [Read more...]

39 Ways to Market Your Business

  Small business owners can easily get too involved in the day-to-day operations of their offices  to spend any time brainstorming marketing ideas or promotional events. Some retailers worry that marketing is too expensive, others may find it too time consuming. Without announcing who you are and what you sell, how will anyone know? Here are … [Read more...]

Top 14 Ways to Increase Business by Word of Mouth

In these crazy times of merging, retailing, managed care and consumer disloyalty, the best and most cost efficient way an office can increase their business and continually remain profitable is by implementing a word of mouth advertising and marketing program. The key is to motivate buyers (your patients) into talking positively about you so … [Read more...]