Think About Your Eyes Launches Public Awareness Campaign

Alexandria, VA (February, 2017) –Think About Your Eyes, the vision industry’s national public awareness campaign, launched its 2017 national advertising campaign on Monday, February 13, with an increase in advertising budget and updated advertising placements. Campaign advertisements will run for three quarters in 2017, up from two quarters … [Read more...]

What is OmniChannel Marketing?

You have most likely heard this term 'omni-channel marketing'.  So what is it and does it effect eyecare professionals? Omni Channel is defined as a multichannel sales approach that provides the customer with an integrated shopping experience. The customer can be shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, or by telephone, or in a bricks and … [Read more...]

Shark Tank Update With Nerdwax

What happens to people on Shark Tank? Don Hejny  (Season 7) speaks about how he started NerdWax. He reviews his job (s) waxes eloquently about being on Shark Tank and how to prepare for it. This a a long video, but interesting. … [Read more...]

3 Tips To Beating Your Online Eyewear Competition

It's not a surprise that your optical shop is facing competition from online retailers. Online companies often have large marketing campaigns and lower prices, which can make them hard to compete with. But your practice's expert knowledge coupled with quality products in your optical shop should have what it takes to compete with online giants. So … [Read more...]

A Disruptive Eyecare Retailer Story

Long ago in shopping centers far away a man named Marvin Freeman disrupted the optical industry by starting a successful luxury and exclusive optical chain called Optica. Optica at that time was instrumental in introducing Luxury Eyewear to the mainstream consumer. He was one of the first chain eyewear retailers to introduce full page ads in local … [Read more...]

What Is Branding?

We all hear about branding and quite honestly most of us have probably done a poor job of it. I know we have. Not all of us have millions of dollars to build brands and our images. We cannot really do that until we understand exactly what branding is and what it entails. This short video talks about branding and marketing and how they … [Read more...]

Six Spectacular Examples of Eyecare Marketing

We love real life examples of what others are doing. Our friends at VisionWeb put together a nice composite of what other eyecare practices are doing to market their practices. Social media is everywhere. You see it during sports events, commercials, restaurants, church, and pretty much anywhere else you go nowadays. This popularity allows … [Read more...]

19 Eyecare Retail Trends For 2015

Retailing is Retailing but Retailing in 2015 will be changing at rapid speed and becoming increasing challenging for Eyecare Professionals. Between the mix of fashion, medical, insurance, educated consumers, smart phones, communication platforms, better target marketing, technology, personalized experiences and a variety of solutions, all retailers … [Read more...]

EyeCare Pro x ClearVision Optical Launch Marketing Program For ECP’s

Hauppauge, NY – June 2014 –  EyeCarePro and ClearVision Optical have teamed up to provide Eye Care Professionals a unique opportunity to learn about an exciting product line, strengthen their marketing and grow sales using a free integrated marketing campaign, courtesy of EyeCarePro's Marketing Services and ClearVision Optical’s Marketing … [Read more...]

Transitions Optical Introduces Updated Multicultural Resources Catalogue

PINELLAS PARK, Fla., September, 2013 – Transitions Optical, Inc. recently updated its popular Multicultural Resources Catalogue with new information and tools to better connect eyecare professionals with their culturally diverse patients. New resources for 2013 include ABO-accredited education courses, a series of best practice videocasts, and a … [Read more...]

Mad Men Eyewear – Megan, Betty and Roger

Mad Men returns today this Sunday, April 7 with a special two-hour premiere at 9/8c on AMC. Eyewear is a major part of the show’s styling and influences consumer trends and tastes so we want our readers to be up to date on the characters. We highlighted some styles last week featuring two main Mad Men characters' eyewear - Harry Crane and Joan … [Read more...]

Mad Men Eyewear

“Mad Men” airs on AMC April 7th. Prepare your couch and frame selections accordingly even if you are not a fan. I am an avid follower of the show and personally can't wait. Mad Men has received critical acclaim, particularly for its historical authenticity, visual style, costume design, acting, writing, and directing, and has won many awards, … [Read more...]

Are These Optical Crimes? Hillary Clinton and Jenna Lyons

These two very high profile women were all over the news this week for different reasons but our question is: Were they committing the  same optical crime or are we wrongly accusing them? In our opinion, they are wearing eyeglasses that do not fit their faces well and we question whether or not their eyecare providers have helped them to select the … [Read more...]

Technology Trends 2013

We all hate wasting time…and money….and since time is money, why waste either? As we begin 2013, we look forward as to how to improve our lives and the lives of our patients and customers to make this year our best year ever! I have been asked by Cathy to look at some of the online and digital trends for 2013 and help offer a clue as to where we … [Read more...]

Gossip Girl Lisa Loeb Marketing Eyewear!

Not very many celebrities are truly involved with the eyewear that their name is on. But you can't say this about Lisa Loeb as she is not just out there promoting it on TV shows such as Rachel Ray, VHI and more  but she is part of the design process as well.  She was just interviewed by Jessica Goldstein of The Washington Post about her TV role on … [Read more...]