Optical Fun: Fresh Docs of Fuquay

Have you met the Fresh Docs of Fuquay...and Garner?? Dr. May and Dr. Martin take you on a tour of their back stories to the tune of that infectious "Fresh Prince" song. Learn how they each got interested in careers in optometry, while also watching some guest appearances from Drs. Johnson, Hartman, and Hammond. We hope you enjoy!! Lyrics: (by … [Read more...]

Blurry Optical Fun With Pokeman Pickachus

Pokeman has gone viral and some eyecare professionals are taking advantage of Pokemon Fever.   … [Read more...]

Optical Fun: Can’t Read this Parody

Dr. May and Dr. Martin pose as 40-year-old patients whose eyes are changing and they now find themselves struggling to read up close. The solution?? Glasses!! Presbyopia commonly affects people once they reach the 40's, and as Dr. Johnson raps, "It's not fair but it's a fact of life." This parody of MC Hammer's classic rap anthem "U Can't Touch … [Read more...]

Optical Fun: Do You Take My Insurance?

This is an old video on The medicine in my glasses running out and whether or not the doctor takes the insurance.   … [Read more...]

Miniature Calendar Features Eyeglasses

I don't know if you have been on the website Miniature Calendar by artist Taksuda Tanaka. He features each day an activity that is part of our daily lives. The eyeglasses have a slew of little people sitting on the front with a small ladder. You have to love the art and the attention to detail. He has been posting every day using his diorama … [Read more...]

Jimmy Kimmel Pitches To Shark Tank

Just for a little opti-fun for Shark Week, Jimmy Kimmel through Jimmy Kimmel Laboratories comes up with three ideas for the Shark Tank. Very Funny.   … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Shark Tank: The Drip Drop

We loved this Shark Tank episode in which two 14 year old kids from Denver, Colorado who invented the Drip Drop. The Drip Drop solves the problem of dripping ice cream cones. These kids are so cute and the presentation was excellent. They did get an offer from Barbara with contingencies. Sources You Tube: Season 7, Episode 25 Drip Drop … [Read more...]

Four Shark Optical Illusions

One of the scariest animals in the world are sharks. Why? we do not know, as the chances of being in a car accident are alot higher than ever being attacked by a shark. Therefore the prevalence of shark attacks are an illusion. For that reason we have found four shark optical illusions (an experience of seeming to see something that does not exist … [Read more...]

Optical Fun- My Bally Eyeglass

The full title reads: "Now Pathe Pictorial presents Tom Clare in an old favourite "My Bally Eyeglass". Tom Clare sits at a piano in the Pathe Studio. The set is dressed to look like a hotel foyer or tea dance location. There are draped curtains in the foreground and potted palms all around Tom. Tom plays the piano without looking at his … [Read more...]

Vision Live In San Diego With Dr. Ben Moshe

Continuing on in San Diego in the small beach community of Ocean Beach speaking to Dr. Eli Ben Moshe. I knew the optometrist that Eli bought the practice from. Dr. Eli Ben Moshe discusses dispensing from the chair for multi-pair sales, , Shamir lenses, and CareCredit for patient financing. Just an FYI Ocean Beach is the hippie beach of San … [Read more...]

Vision Live In San Diego

Gayle hits the beaches in San Diego asking people if they wear sunglasses, what kind of sunglasses they wear and how many sunglasses they have. I found it most interesting when she asked people if their eye doctor asked any questions. … [Read more...]

Sunglasses x Facial Hair Pairing Guide

Who knew the importance of the correct pair of sunglasses with beard, mustaches, goatees, soul patches, van dykes and zappas. If you didn't know The Sunglass Warehouse published a very helpful guide to those men who like to sport facial hair. With Fathers Day coming up this infographic might just help one to chose the proper facial enhancing … [Read more...]

Fun Video Of Mens Eyewear from 1930 To Today

Wonderful and clever video demonstrating mens eyewear from  the 1930's on to today. You may have seen it already, but we loved it so much just had to share it again. Eyewear was provided by Old Focals. … [Read more...]

Optical Fun: Comedy About Losing Eyeglasses in1906

Losing eyeglasses is not unfamiliar. This video from 1906 is comedy about a man who loses his eyeglasses. The original title is J'ai Perdu mon Lorgnon and it was filmed in France. … [Read more...]

Opti-Fun: Barry Gets Chicken Glasses Appraised

If you are a fan of Storage Wars, you might remember when Barry found a pair of Chicken Eyeglasses. This except from the show Storage Wars features Barry getting his Chicken Eyeglasses appraised.   … [Read more...]