10 Keys to Building a Personal Trade

You probably have patientsthat only want to talk to you, you may have lost an optician that had personal trade. (That hurts) Some staff members may already building their own 'book' of clients. Personal trade is similiar personal shopping in which you become the expert in a customers wants and needs and provide an extra high level of service to … [Read more...]

22 Ways To Deal With Optical Refunds

Issuing optical refunds continues to be a topic of discussion. What do you refund, the lens? The treatments? The Frame? Should you do an exchange only? How long does the patient have? Do you post a refund policy, like you have to do in New York, which is a state law? It is a tricky situation, you have put in the time and money in good faith … [Read more...]

Top Tips On Picking New Eyewear Suppliers

It struck me as I was on several of the forums on Facebook, there are alot of ECP's who ask for recommendations on eyewear suppliers. While recommendations are great, one needs to perhaps look closer at the companies recommended for various reasons: The recommendations come in from the few that are active on that particular forum. Should you … [Read more...]

Vision Live From San Diego With Shamir

Vision Live in San Diego, speaking to Rich Dailey from Shamir. Shamir along with Signet Armorlite, Carl Zeiss and Augen are all located in San Diego. This fourth segment focuses on additional opportunities for eyecare professionals. Link … [Read more...]

Vision Live in San Diego With Jack Damphier

We are in San Diego with Vision Live, and for those of us who know Jack Dampier of Luxottica. I have known Jack for at least 30 years and he is a legend in the eyewear industry. Jack speaks on the importance of multiple pairs of sunglasses.   … [Read more...]

4 Ways Focussing On ADS Can Grow The Business

What is ADS you ask? ADS is the Average Daily Sale (ADS) and retail Expert Doug Fleener considers this to be his favorite metric for any retail store. An interesting article by him describes what ADS is and why it is effective. ADS is determined by dividing total sales by the number of transactions. For example, a store that had a $20,000 week … [Read more...]

Tweens And Teens Spending

Getting Ready for Back to School, how important is the mind and wallet of Tweens and Teens? More importantly how can you capture this elusive market? Teen Spending (Source) 26,873,000 Million Teens in the USA $258.7 Billion Products bough by and for teens $91.1 Billion Total Teen Income in the US $157.6 Billion Annual Amount … [Read more...]

Emotional Appeal on Shark Tank

This was one of my favorite episodes on Shark Tank, I even cried, due the amount of passion that this man has for farmers. He didn't invent this product to make money, he invented a better to save farmers and the crops. This is a simple man with a simple concept. Most of the Sharks turned down the product. Most quotable from Johnny Georges, 'I … [Read more...]

Shark Tank: Best Pitches In Shark Tank History

Getting money or getting the sale is one part product and one part presentation. In watching these videos on the best presentations. Watch the first video on Gloving. A lot of good points were made, with Mark Cuban made an interesting remark on Gloving, which I loved. 'You can make a lot of money by making something a niche' You can have a true … [Read more...]

Cash, Check or Phone?

Many of you know a little about Apple Pay that was introduced last fall with the launch of the iPhone 6. While mobile payment was not invented by Apple, neither was a mobile MP3 player. Apple however understands how to make technology cool and work well for most consumers. Apple Pay changed the dynamics of credit card payment systems by … [Read more...]

Smart Infographic That Puts The Cost of Eyewear Into Perspective

VisionWeb posted this very smart infographic that Lacey Mielcarek uses by putting it on the dispensing table. The visual itself answers one of the most common questions that patients ask you 'Why Are Glasses So Expensive" and puts the cost into perspective. 'We are always on the lookout for optical resources that can help your eyecare practice … [Read more...]

Romancing The Shades: Captivating Chevrons

Chevrons, we see them everywhere, as they have been undergone a trend resurgence for the last several years.  Most of us probably just look at a  Chevron pattern and say 'stripes' or zig zags instead of chevrons Some of us may think 'Chevron' is just a gas station, but in reality you most likely have seen the pattern in the military on flags and … [Read more...]

Romancing The Shades: Color Blocking

Color Blocking is a when designers in fashion (clothing to decor) use bright colors from opposite ends of the color spectrum to create 'a look.'  There is no patterns, marbling in the colors. Using two to three colors in a bold look is simple yet eye-catching. The advantage of this look is you can color block anything to spiff your wardrobe and … [Read more...]

Romancing The Shades: What Is Houndstooth?

A common pattern in fashion is houndstooth, albeit not so common in eyewear. So what is houndstooth? Originating in Scotland, houndstooth, houndstooth check or hound's tooth (dog check) is not really a plaid, is a two-tone pattern in textiles that are characterized by notched or broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes, often seen in black … [Read more...]

Avoiding Failure Or Creating Success?

Years ago, Jaguar was a car known for a hefty price tag and poor quality. When Ford Motor Company acquired the brand they discovered that there were a number of employees whose only job was to try to catch all of the defects at the end of the manufacturing line. Jaguar was clearly focused on trying to reduce failures instead of putting in place … [Read more...]