The Great Online Eyewear Debate, Chapter 10 : How To Respond To PD Request Video

You have probably experienced this many times over the last several years, the PD request. Online eyewear sales are growing and will continue to grow. Lisa Frye, ABOC  made an excellent video on how to respond to PD requests in-house. This is something you can share with all staff and have a discussion at your staff meetings. … [Read more...]

Adding Additional Value To Your Products

Price is the amount of money your customer pays for a product.  Value is what your customer perceives the benefits of that product to be, and the emotional connection he/she has to the product, the employee, and the company, in relation to the price. How retail associates handle and present products to her/his customer adds - or reduces - the … [Read more...]

10 Retail Selling Tips To Prevent Lazy Eye

In todays times with shoppers going online, asking for discounts, it can be really hard to keep a positive attitude. We all get tired, bored or just plan lazy (hence lazy eye), which is why I loved these tips from Bob Phibbs are important to remember, you might consider posting them in your staff room or even having a discussion about them at a … [Read more...]

How To Increase Profitability

We are a big fan of open book management and one of the easiest and best retail math formulas that you can share with your staff and is so important to office profitability is Sales Per Square Foot. So when I read this great article from Bob Phibbs the Retail Doc .. He made such great points, I just had to share it. BTW= The formula for … [Read more...]

Selling Without Selling

Recently I was asked a very important question while taking care of a long time client of mine. The question proposed to me was, how do I always get them spend so much more than they intended to? This question made me think for a bit. How do you sell without being a salesperson? The reason I felt this was a good question is I honestly don't ever … [Read more...]

Enhance Your Fashion Frames Sales Vocabulary

I ran across this wonderful infographic with the 'technical' terms for fashion patterns. Instead of saying, this is a nice pink pattern. try romancing the eyewear. The Arabesque pattern detailing enhances your…. Chevrons are a hot look now and look how they have incorporated it into a distinctive look. This look is madras…. What do you think? … [Read more...]

Layaway For A Bigger Payday In Your Dispensary?

Many retailers, large and small, offer layaway programs, allowing customers to pay for products over time.  While the terms vary from company to company, the premise is still the same:  product is held for the consumer for a set period, while the consumer makes payments toward owning it.  Can you use this same concept in your eyecare office? Yes, … [Read more...]

Historical Holiday Spending Infographic:

It is always interesting where people spent their money during the Holidays.  Optical - eyecare technically would go under the heading Health and personal care stores, which racked up a 17% of consumer spending. Not too shabby. Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually.   … [Read more...]

Abandoned Shopping Karts

Being left alone is never fun….unless you have kids or coworkers who have been bothering you all day that is. Even then, after an hour or so, we all long for the company of another. Pity the poor online shopping cart. Did you know that the average shopping cart abandonment rate is just under 70%? How would you feel if 2/3 of your customers picked … [Read more...]

Do We Take Care Of Our Cars Better Than Our Eyes?

I just took my car in for a Smog Check and was thinking about the Car Repair business. When you think about it, the car repair business is very similar to the optical business: Both need: Regular check ups and maintenance are crucial to success. Both are dependent on insurance. Both make money by upgrades. Both are highly … [Read more...]

Opportunities For Eyecare Professionals: Protective Eyewear And Pesticides

We g0t this article from the  Defogitworks blog, which has eye-opening information for eyecare professionals. For instance, I never would have considered wearing safety frames or thinking about fogged up lenses during agricultural activities including the home. But it makes eye-sense: I won't even let my neighbors use Round-up, it is that toxic and … [Read more...]

When Do You Feel You Have Been Price Gouged?

I was speaking with Dan Feldman the other day and he wanted to know who was in charge of Optiboard.. I gave him the name and told him he could email him through Facebook. So he tried and this is what he got: Yes.. $1.00 to send a message to  Non-Friend's Inbox. I felt like he had been gouged! I admit, I was a taken aback.. Facebook is FREE, … [Read more...]

Two Games To Improve Your Sales

Doug Fleener wrote this article about adding a fun and games in the office, who couldn't use a little more fun?  I can see having some games like this and customizing for AR, Mirror Coating, 2nd Pairs, Sunglasses.. and help staff get in the habit of asking questions and trying to fill patient  needs. 1. Increase Sales with a winning … [Read more...]

Don’t Want to “Sell”? Sorry, You Already Do!

The optical industry is such a strange world. We all want and deserve to be perceived as ‘eye care professionals’ who work hard to attain and maintain our licensures and increase our  knowledge. But we also have this funny dichotomy in our industry that no other health care provider really deals with:  we make most of our practice money in a retail … [Read more...]

Counterfeit Designer Eyeglass Frames Becoming a Growing Problem Online

I came across a Press Release from an optical retailer, warning about Counterfeit Designer Eyeglasses being purchased online. I liked it for several reasons 1.) Press Releases are one way to enhance your search-ability online. 2.) It shows Piazza Optical as an expert and lets people know the carry the genuine  product 3) Builds credibility and show … [Read more...]