Referrals Accepted Here

The final phase of the buying process is the referral phase. It is the “holy grail” of selling!  If you think about it, it is the ultimate compliment your business can earn.  This is what we all work for, the ability for someone else to join your team and help build your business, reputation and reach into the market. Referrals don’t come … [Read more...]

Repeat After Me…

The sixth stage of the buying process is repeat.  Repeating the sale is a wonderful place to be and we should celebrate that we now have a customer who continues to regularly do business with us.  However, with the feeling of “making it” comes some dangers that every business needs to keep in mind. We can have the tendency to look a business … [Read more...]

Buy Me

Buying is the fifth stage in the buying process.  I find it ironic that it isn’t further up in the process, but it makes sense why it isn’t.  The over all buying process is a process of trust.  You build it with each step and it takes time.  Our company name is 6 Calls, and we often have to remind ourselves that we need to allow our prospects and … [Read more...]

Try It.. You’ll Like It

Finally!  The fourth stage of the buying cycle is when the purchaser actually tries you product.  Mind you, they have not committed to you, they are merely trying you out to see if everything they have learned about you is true. We have gone through the first three stages of knowing, liking, trusting and now they are sampling the product.  This … [Read more...]

Inventory Management Step 7: Increasing Average Transactions

By now you have calculated average transactions and there is always room for growth. For the purposes of simplicity and lack of complications, insurance programs are not included in this. You can increase average transactions several ways: Increase Conversion Rate Increase Accessories and add on sales Increase Multiple Pair … [Read more...]


The third stage in the buying process is trust.  I attended a meeting recently on sales and marketing for the future.  The most important message to come from the meeting was simple.  Everything we have done for the last 30 years in marketing is no longer applicable.  Today’s “social revolution,” the role of social media is all that we do, is … [Read more...]

LIKE Me Please

Part 2 of Mike Karlsrud Buying Cycle Articles:  There are six phases in the buying cycle, and we have already talked about “know,” the first step in todays buying habits The second phase is “like.” We have all heard the phrase that “people buy from those they like.”  Well, in todays buying environment, much of the determination of whether or … [Read more...]

Are We OverBranded?

It's interesting about designer eyewear brands, people can really go overboard!  What it means is that some designer, celebrity, retail store has decided to place their name on a product and sell it for 30-40% more than it is really worth. The good news is because they do that, eyecare retailers benefit with brand … [Read more...]

Inventory Management Step 4: Increasing Turns Via Lifestyle Dispensing

Inventory turns is the amount of times the inventory is sold within a given time frame. Some people chart overall inventory turns per year, others use a monthly type of turn. Remember  Increasing inventory turns reduces holding cost. The organization spends less money on rent, utilities, insurance, theft and other costs of maintaining a stock of … [Read more...]

Getting To Know You..Getting to like you ~ Getting to hope you like me..

We asked one of our friends, Mike Karlsrud who is an expert in the sales cycle to give us a series of posts about buying cycles. This is the first in a series of finding and keeping patients. There are six phases in the buying cycle.  It begins with the prospect or customer first knowing about you.  Today more than ever the concept of "knowing" … [Read more...]

What Did You Have For Breakfast?

We have posted on great opening lines in the past, but just learned a new one. Steven Newman on OD's on Facebook asks 'What Did You Have For Breakfast' to encourage discussions on eye health. What I think- promoting eye health and talking diet can help you compete with online eyecare retailers. The other is speaking about eye health leads to … [Read more...]

Eyeglasses And Airplanes

I don't know why this is, but every time you are sitting on an airplane for some reason the question always arises 'Why Do Glasses Cost So Much?' I can't tell you how many airplane and eyeglass stories I have and I can't imagine how many our readers have! A couple of weeks ago, I was speaking with Robert Bell and he told me this great story … [Read more...]

Are You An Order Taker?

My first encounter with an order- taker was Jack Damphier of Avante-Garde (now Luxottica) Here I was a struggling sales rep selling Neostyle Eyewear, trying to sell 1 frame and Jack would walk in, and they would say just Send Me 50-100 Pieces. UGH.  At some point in my frame career, I made a determination, that I would have to do something … [Read more...]

Marketing: The After Sale

I’ve written a few times on how your marketing is more than the ad you run on TV or in the newspaper. Marketing is everything you do before, during, and after the sale. I was reading a blog post from Seth Godin this morning. Seth is an author and speaker who has presented at TED and has over 160,000 Facebook fans and close to 100,000 people in his … [Read more...]

FREE Sun Lenses through HOYA’s Summer SUNSational

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS, (June 1, 2012) Now there are no excuses! Those elusive multiple pair sales are coming to independent eyecare practices, with the Summer SUNsational Program Kit. “This is a game changing practice promotion,” said Barney Dougher, President of HOYA Vision Care, NA, “We really want to accomplish two things; one is to help the … [Read more...]