Store Layout and Fixtures to Avoid Retail Theft

Your store design doesn’t just help lure customers in and encourage them to make key purchases throughout your store. It’s also ideal for deterring shoplifters and preventing problems with merchandise disappearing. Over the past few years, research centers have concentrated on learning how to decrease shoplifting. While your employees and their … [Read more...]

Employee Theft Is More Common Than You Think

No one wants to admit that their loyal and trusted employees could possibly ever steal from themL Bookkeeper accused of stealing $60,000 from optometrist | INFORUM May 4, 2016 - DETROIT LAKES – The longtime bookkeeper at Morrison Eye Care here is accused of stealing more than $60,000 from her employer over a ... But it happens. Employee … [Read more...]

10 Tips For Eyecare Practices To Avoid Cyber Attacks

A couple of months we wrote a post on the increase of hackers and Ransomware. Hacking continues to increase with Healthcare-record hacking skyrocketing by 11,000% last year. In fact, one in three Americans has had their records compromised, but very few realize it. What happens to those records? According to, “One site offers … [Read more...]

Website Security

Many of us think of our website as our lifeline to the outside world. The World Wide Web is how prospective patients and customers research where to do business next and our websites are what convinces them we are the ones to do business with. Like the light switch in our offices or the phones our desks, we expect our websites to work whenever … [Read more...]

Ransomeware On The Rise

You have probably heard of Ransomware, but in case you haven't,  Ransomware is another type of malware which restricts access to the computer system that it infects, and demands a ransom paid to the creator(s) of the malware in order for the restriction to be removed. (Wikipedia) What happens, you can't log on and a screen holds your files … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Keeping Your Practice HIPAA Compliant

With employees in and out of your practice and new technologies on the rise, maintaining HIPAA compliance in all aspects of your business gets harder and harder. Keeping up with HIPAA requirements isn't going anywhere soon, if anything, it will likely continue to get harder. That's why we think it's important to have a plan of attack for … [Read more...]

To Do Now: Prepare For The Chip

Mark October 1st on your calendar and do something about it today, and no, we don’t mean finalize your Halloween costume, though ignoring this deadline could be very scary. October 1st is the deadline to switch your credit card terminals to accept EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) chip based cards. We all remember the recent data breaches that … [Read more...]

TO DO: Change Your Passwords

“Without a doubt, 2015 will see more massive takedowns, hacks, and exposure of sensitive personal information like we have witnessed in years past. Medical data and business information like intellectual property will be prime targets, with cyber thieves looking for opportunistic financial gain based on black market value, corporate extortion and … [Read more...]

Theft Prevention Checklist

If you are on any of the forums on Facebook, there has been a spate of optical theft. Optical Illusion got hit in under 4 minutes, Your Eyes (Seattle) was robbed and an entire Gucci board, ProDesign and Gunnar Optics case taken. In fact the news was that 14 stores in Seattle were hit in 8 weeks. Another office got hit by a guy taking pictures of … [Read more...]

It Won’t Happen To Me: National Disaster Preparedness Month

Most of us think it will never happen to us. Disaster! When and if it comes are you and staff prepared?  There are an estimated 50 earthquakes every day in the world.  1-3 hurricanes approach the US every year . Wiki Answers says there are 200,000 tornados every year in the US, 5,300 wildfires, 1,000's of floods, winter storms (Sandy) and heat … [Read more...]

Credit Card Fraud Up 11%

With last year's Target, Neiman Marcus and Michaels, credit card breach, online security is becoming increasingly more important. Hopefully if banks and credit cards make the 8 Billion dollar investment, we too will have microchips embedded in our credit cards. That said, as we are becoming a cashless society and as retailers who take credit cards, … [Read more...]

5 Things You Need to Do to Keep Your Optical Software Secure

Many eyecare practices today are using client-server practice management and EHR software to run their practice. And with any optical software there are high security demands that must be met in order to keep your patient's data secure. Whether you're already using a client-server software or if you're looking to purchase a new system for your … [Read more...]

Eyecare Security Updates 2014

Part II in our series of HIPAA and Security Updates from guest author Van Rue: Anti-Virus & Firewall:  Popular freeware anti-virus programs like Avast!, Avira and AVG offer only basic home level protection against older threats, and will not stop more complex or emerging viruses (some clever viruses will just turn of the these programs).  … [Read more...]

2014 HiPPAA Security Updates

Computer “stuff” incites yawns and involves a barrage of new acronyms but you have to compare that with the excitement of not getting paid because your bank account was hacked. Identity theft is moving from the mail box, to the inbox, and is targeting small businesses more because most of us lack full-time IT departments. To reduce your risk of a … [Read more...]

No Hats, No Hoodies, No Sunglasses

A new type of safety protection, normally you are supposed to wear safety eyewear or goggles unless walking into a bank, in which case, please remove hats, hoodies and sunglasses. This is a sad state of affairs and I for one while rarely going into a bank never even thought about this. But this a high risk time for theft.. so watch out for … [Read more...]