Bank Robber Steals $45,000 Worth of Eyeglasses

Eyeglass thief says he has eyeglass problem (Don't you wish paying customers had the same problem?) He wears frames and looks at himself in the mirror. When he's done, he gives away high-end glasses, sells them or throws them away, according to a criminal complaint. Lowery was charged Monday with three counts of armed robbery for three … [Read more...]

How to Spot an Optical ShopLifter

Look how easy it is to steal! We did an article before on Preventing Shoplifting , as a followup, we found this video to show you how easy it is to steal. … [Read more...]

Optical Shoplifting Prevention

I was at the Vision Source Meeting in San Diego last week. The San Diego Vision Source group were all abuzz because apparently about 20 optometric offices in San Diego had been hit by thieves! Fortunately many offices were made aware of what to look for (African American women, Hispanic man with tat's) so at least 3 thefts was prevented. This … [Read more...]

Are Your Documents Safe?

I have just finished my taxes and the age old question always occurs, how long do you keep the taxes, what documents do you need and how to keep them safe. I also gave a list of pertinent information to a relative for safe keeping- just in case. The following documents are crucial to retain; Family birth certificates Social Security … [Read more...]

Preventing Identity Theft-Keys to Prevention

  When my friend Donna told me about her first Identity Theft problems year ago (she's had two!), was sorry for her, but the problem keep going on and on. It makes me very nervous, especially in the last year the following has happened to me!  I was one of the people that ID was taken from Country Wide Mortgage At work, ADP (payroll … [Read more...]