Opticians-Can You Band Together Or Are You Doomed To Always Be ‘Second-Rate?

Every day, in my little virtual world, I read about issues that are unique to the optician profession.  Because they work in a quasi-medical/retail environment, opticians are treated differently than optometrists or ophthalmologists.  I’ve even heard a complaint that the ‘optometric technician said these glasses weren’t right’.  Wait, … [Read more...]

7 Tips For Fitting Women’s Safety Glasses

This month is guest author ,John Fischer, CSP, from SVS Safety. SVS Safety provides a wide range of prescription and non-prescription safety eyewear for companies from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises. Chances are, you’re seeing a growing number of women in your workplace. And it’s not just you. According to the Department of … [Read more...]

Are You Biased?

I have visited literally dozens of opticals in the last several years. One of the biggest issues  I find in the dispensary is what I have termed “optician bias”.  This encompasses two different realms of concern: The act of buying frames, and the pre-judgment of potential customers. This article will focus on the first, and the second side of this … [Read more...]

Ribbons & Bows

A family member on mine likes the expression, “It is all fun and games until the flying monkeys…” I realized yesterday while working with one that semi-rimless, or cord mount, eyeglass frames are a little like that, all fun and games until they get stepped on… The first thing you need to do is assess the damage or do “triage”. If you see torn … [Read more...]

Eye Need to Know; What Is A Dacryocystorhinostomy?

This “big” word is not hard to figure out if you break it down into medical terms. Medical Term Meaning dacry tear cyst sac rhin nose ostomy incision into A dacryocystorhinostomy is a surgical procedure that constructs a new tear drainage channel from the lacrimal sac into the nose.  This procedure is … [Read more...]

Eye Need to Know: What Is the Stroop Effect?

Try this: name the colors of the words in the box.  Do not read the word; just say the color of word’s letters. Did you find this difficult? Most people do.  You have just experienced interference. John Ridley Stroop documented this phenomenon in 1935 in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, therefore it is now known as “The Stroop … [Read more...]

6 Best Practices for Online Ordering Optical Dispensing

We know how hard it can be working in a busy practice: between appointments with patients, the phone ringing, and other office duties, it's usually easiest to just go about your day the best way you know how. If that means retyping a patient's order into your practice management system, or wasting time calling a lab to check on an order's status, … [Read more...]

Eye Need to Know: Are a Chalazion and a Stye the same thing?

A chalazion and a stye are similar in that they are both aggravating lumps that appear on the eyelids; however the terms are not to be used interchangeably.  The differences are listed below. Submitted by guest blogger, Rebecca Johnson, Founder of EyeTrain4You, an ophthalmic staff training and development company.  Contact her at … [Read more...]

Save The Date: Paraoptometric Webinairs From AOA And Vision West

American Optometric Association Paraoptometric Section to Offer New Webinar Series St. Louis, Mo. – June, 2012‐ The American Optometric Association (AOA) Paraoptometric Section (PS) will be offering a series of webinars on the topic of billing and coding beginning Wednesday, July 18, 2012 and will continue on a monthly basis through April … [Read more...]

New From Optician Works: Understanding & Working With Vision Insurance

John over at OpticianWorks just released a new lesson plan Understanding and Working With Vision Insurance Plans. He has other lessons scheduled and would love to hear from you and is rewarding you! Yep prizes are available to USA participants only. Here is what he says in case you didn't get his email Other new lessons coming … [Read more...]

eyeTech Talk-Nystagmus

Nystagmus is an involuntary, oscillating, rapid movement of the eyeball. While most people with nystagmus are born with the neurologic condition or develop it early in life, it can be acquired as a result from disease or trauma (brain tumor, diabetic neuropathy, head injury). Nystagmus that is present all the time is referred to as manifest … [Read more...]

EyefoGraphic: What Does Your Eye Color Say About You?

Did you know that green eyes are rarer than blue? Eyes are not only the window to the soul but to your genes! Read this infographic to find out why Iris, that important eye part is in living color.. Our little opti fun today is sponsored by Vision Systems, who distributes preowned optical equipment … [Read more...]

Dynamic Dispensing: Back To Basics

Having recently re-done my Eyeglass Frame Fit Photo Gallery I was thinking about the importance of frame fit. Sure enough a few weeks go by and in walks a patient with a pair of Silhouettes and says, “I need these tightened up, they keep falling down my nose.” I take one look at them and could tell that they had been bent around the bridge giving … [Read more...]

Eye Need to Know: Why Is Ophthalmology Commonly Misspelled?

Words using the root, “ophthalm” are commonly misspelled.  An example is “ophthalmology” with is commonly misspelled as “opthalmology” due to the way that most people pronounce the word. By knowing the proper pronunciation of “ophthalm” you will not have a problem spelling it.  The “ph” at the front of the word is pronounced the same as the “ph” … [Read more...]

Eye Need to Know: Why Does The Eye Color of Some Babies Change?

The color of our eyes, hair and skin comes from a yellowish-brown pigment called melanin.   A newborn baby will continue to produce more melanin after they are born, which causes the “baby” blue eyes to gradually change to their permanent color.  The permanent eye color is dependent on the amount of pigment the iris produces. The amount of pigment … [Read more...]