Seven Shades For Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day

September 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day. This year we are focusing on Pirate Eyewear.  For those who are into pirates the easiest way to make your own Pirate Sunglass is to just pop out a lens. The 2nd easiest thing to do, wear an eyepatch. That said, we did find some specialty Pirate Shades for your ARGH.. pleasure. The Kings of Tasches, … [Read more...]

Inspecs USA x Vision Ease x O’Neil Sunglasses x Coppertone Polarized Lenses

First-of-its-kind Inspecs USA/VISION EASE offering expands retail options to reach more consumers RAMSEY, MINN. & CLEARWATER, FLA. (Sept., 2015) – To deliver advanced sun protection in attention-grabbing frames, VISION EASE introduces its first frame and lens package. Developed in partnership with Inspecs USA and powerhouse sun and surf … [Read more...]

Six Lovable Sunglasses For Valentines Day

You may be blinded by love, but don't let it effect the rest of your life. Wear Sunglasses all year long. We picked out six different sunnies for those who are hoping for something special on Valentines Day. Show your love for Mother  Earth this this Eco Friendly Sunglass, by MODO. Made with earth friendly materials and a give back program, … [Read more...]

Happy Mew Year! 15 Carefree Cat Eyed Shades

January 2nd is Happy Mew Year for Cats. Another Who Knew. In that case, Happy Mew Year to those who love Cat-Eye Eyeglasses. There are cat- eyes and then there are cat-eyes. Supposedly the name cat -eyes was coined by tobacco heiress Altina Schinasi. What we do know, the first cat-eyes showed up as harlequin eyewear in the 1940's. From that time on … [Read more...]

Market Report- Action Sports Sunglasses

One of the important things that The Vision Council does and is funded by their members is look at trends in the optical market. They do this various ways of which one is to poll consumers to ask them about various eyecare subjects.  The latest report, which is titled the Action Sports Sunglass Report is important information for vendors and … [Read more...]

Behind The Scenes of The Silhouette Futura Eyewear Video

The historical Silhouette Futura sunglasses have made a comeback with a new look. Here is a look behind-the-scenes at the Silhouette Futura campaign shoot with Tali Lennox and Peter Lindbergh.  The futuristic anniversary collection on … [Read more...]

Spexy Sunwear Accessorized Swimwear

The summer is not over yet and if you women are looking to score a new swimsuit, (now that they are all going on sale) check out some Sunwear Infused Swimsuits. Match them up with the perfect sunglasses for a cool look. These swimsuits can be worn all year round and will never go out of style. Don't really like them, buy and them use in a summer … [Read more...]

Six Snarky Shark Shades

Nothing like a few Shark Sunglasses to wear during the summer to fight off Jaws at the beach or to show off your Sharkness. I am really wondering who would wear the shark shades set over a  pair of eyeglasses? This was sold out on FarFetch: Black resin sunglasses from ILIL featuring circular frames with gold-tone hinged circular flap lenses, a … [Read more...]

Looking Good And Doing Good: Sunglasses That Give Back

Looking good and giving back is important with Eyewear Companies that have a charitable cause. Check out the WileyX Chelsea that gives back to Breast Cancer Research, Penn Avenue Eyewear, which allows you to pick your charity and Modo's, Shauns of California and Toms have a buy one and give one program.   … [Read more...]

Five Spexy Sparkly Sunglasses For Women

All that glam sunglass sparkle will make you look like a movie star! We love stones especially gemstones! Wearing these would really encourage people to get sunglasses to shade their eyes . Our pics for Gemstone Glasses! Perfect for those who want a lazy day reading by water, Rons Optical added bifocals and a touch of sparkle to their … [Read more...]

Marketing Kids Sunglasses

Living at the beach, I am constantly surprised that parents lather up their kids with sunscreen, they are wearing hats, but NO sunglasses. I asked a couple of  parents why No Sunwear and the #1 response, is they forget about it. This presents an opportunity for eyecare professionals... Remind the parents.  Kids need sunglasses more than ever today … [Read more...]

Seven Shades For National Sunglass Day

Men or Women can wear this now uni-sex sunglasses all year long, not just for National Sunglass Day.  Retro looking with touches of the modern look. Chunky to rimless, all in style, all classics.         … [Read more...]

Shades For The Sporting Dad

Sports Sunglasses are Not just for Fathers Day, It is a great and perfect opportunity to reach out to men (and women) for their Summer Shades. Volleyball on Beach, Ultimate Frisbee, Bocci Ball, and Over The Line, a local San Diego game, Segway Polo, Blind Soccer, Bicycle Polo.. Yes these are legitimate sports. Our top pics for Sports … [Read more...]

10 Aerodynamic Aviator Sunglasses For Fathers Day

How time flys! Fathers Day is right around the corner and the best gift ever is a great pair of sunglasses. Aviators never go out of style, so why not do a special grouping of just Aviator Sunglasses and promote timeless fashion for Dad not just for Fathers Day.         … [Read more...]

Singing Along With Smoke And Mirrors A New Eyewear Collection

What a better time to launch a new Handmade in France Eyewear Collection called Smoke and Mirrors around National Smoke And Mirrors Day, March 29 of every year. (Over 1,6,000 000 results on google search). The new eyewear collection story capitalizes on a strong consumer trend with a 'music themed' motif.  I love their motto: 'In a market filled … [Read more...]