Incredible Thankschanukah Eyewear

How do you like these funky Thankschanukah Shades? No, I don't know how to pronounce that. But I can say Multipurpose Eyewear, snow, Christmas Tree, Turkey, Menorah, jingle bells…. Happy Thanksgiving, be safe, be well and have fun. … [Read more...]

People Who Wear Sunglasses Are Happier Than Those Who Don’t

NATIONWIDE (WGME) -- We've heard about seasonal affective disorder, in the winter where people get depressed because of less sunlight, but now that it's sunny, one research group says all the extra sun can make you mad if you're not careful. That's because people who squint and frown more, are unhappier. That's according to Smithsonian Magazine … [Read more...]

Sports and Fashion Sunglasses – Winning Team

Em is very active, engaging in many sports besides tennis. She also loves fashion and always looks stylish no matter what sport she is playing! The other day she arrived at the court sans sunglasses as she had lost hers so I gave her the opportunity to explore wearing a new pair of Costa sunglasses that I just happened to have with me, Grand … [Read more...]

16 Reasons Why Over Prescription Eyewear Is Good

My aunt  just had cataract surgery, of course the eyes are very sensitive to light, so they gave her a pair of cheap over prescription sunglasses. Now my aunt is on fixed income and therefore has never really worn sunglasses before. She only gets what is in her plan (Secure Horizons)  which is that really cheap junk. On her birthday (87 years), I … [Read more...]

Serengeti Shades: Sports Performance Eyewear

For those of us that go way back, you might remember the hoopla on Serengeti Sunglasses. They were the 'only' sunglasses to drive in and they were among the first to talk about a Blue-Blocking Lenses. Eye Didn't Know This! Would you believe that Serengeti was conceived back in 1984 by Corning Glass Works (yes, Corning as in Gorilla Glass and … [Read more...]

Spring Driving Dangers

I just read an article by Dave Downey in my local paper titled “Spring Driving Means Coping with Blinding Sunglight, Fog…..” He makes some really good driving safety points that might be useful talking to optical patients not just here in Southern California but in general: The vernal equinox put the rising sun and setting sun directly in … [Read more...]

Eye-foGraphic: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sunglasses

I didn't know all of this. A pair of mens sunglasses sells on ebay every  90 seconds? Every 14 seconds someone loses or breaks their sunglasses. Source    … [Read more...]

Benefits of Over-Prescription Sunwear (OPS)

There are many benefits of over-prescription sunwear (OPS). The Vision Council defines over-prescription sunwear as sunwear that is designed to be worn over existing glasses, and come in a wide variety of styles, colors and available lens technologies. Over-prescription sunwear (OPS) offers a cost-effective alternative to prescription … [Read more...]

Emili Sande Peforms “Wonder” Wearing Cool Sunglasses

Emili Sande performed at the opening ceremony of The London 2012 Olympics. Here she is singing "Wonder" courtesy NBC News and she is wearing some really cool sunglasses which meant the sun was out in London on the last Friday of The 2012 Olympic Games. We are going to miss the games. Enjoy. Visit for breaking news, world news, and … [Read more...]

Bureau of Missing Sunglasses

Ultraviolet (UV) Protection Campaign The Vision Council has been working to increase sunglass and other protective eyewear purchases by promoting the importance of ultraviolet (UV) protection to consumers. In May 2012, The Vision Council will launch a refreshed version of its existing UV Protection campaign. The new "Bureau of Missing … [Read more...]

Who is wearing mirror coatings on their sunwear today?

As May is UV awareness month we thought it would be good to talk about mirror coatings and as Michael Bellomo of Opticote is the expert on the subject of lens coatings and UV we asked him to be our guest blogger on the topic: Who is wearing mirrors coatings on their sunwear today? by Michael Bellomo It's simple………everyone! Mirrors are … [Read more...]

Is There A Market For Poker Eyewear?

If you have ever watched televised poker, you will notice that many poker players wear various eyewear while at the poker table.  To many, this looks incredibly silly, especially with the lighting conditions in many casinos.  However, there are reasons behind why poker players choose this type of dark lensed look.  We will take a look at that … [Read more...]

Action Sports Sunglasses

One of the fastest growing eyewear categories is Action Sports Sunglasses and In August of 2011, The Vision Council conducted a consumer survey that examined the popularity and usage of action sports sunglasses. Here are a few excerpts from the report. Among the 8,221 sunglass purchasers interviewed, 46% had participated in an action sports … [Read more...]

Costa Sunglass Rx Lenses

Costa's Rx program is really gaining momentum. Costa has a very loyal customer following and many of them are baby boom generation anxious to have their favorite sunglasses available in Rx. Costa is a very marketing savvy company and has really focused on a very targeted market, sports fishing and water enthusiasts. They were one of the first … [Read more...]

Fabulous Gold Flash Sunglasses

I saw these fabulous gold flash sunglasses on Tommy's Ton's blog just after I received an email from Michael Bellomo of Opticote about sun and mirror coating trends which says to me he is  right on target with this trend report. We asked some of frame sponsors to let him to demonstrate these sun and mirror coats in the newer aviator and … [Read more...]