Your Optical Patients’ Sunwear – Does it Work For Them?

It might seem a redundant question -Your Optical Patients' Sunwear - Does it Work For Them? But how many times have you had the situation where an optical patient wants to use their old frame and wants their old lenses tinted to a sunglass shade? Quite a few I bet. This is a good article from Transitions that might help you with talking to … [Read more...]

Light Stabilizing Tinted Lenses

I am currently in the UK so I am taking the opportunity to post some interesting news snippets from across the pond. I read this story about light stabilizing tinted lenses in the London Times a couple of days ago. As most of you will not relate to cricket, please substitute the word cricket with baseball as the ball is about the same size and … [Read more...]

Video Sunglasses and the Optical Marketplace

Video Sunglasses are a 'Hot Ticket' these day- every time you turn around seems to be someone else coming up with more wearable electronics. Here is the latest releases of Video Sunglasses.  I wish I could embed this video- this video sunglasses plug into your laptop, ipod. From in Australia. This Video sunglasses have … [Read more...]

Opportunity for Optical – Vintage Sunglasses

We just had the big Coachella Music Festival here in Southern California, a great opportunity to people watch and see new trends and fashion. Linlee Allen from was there with her camera to do this for us. I took a look at their scrap book and the were a lot of Vintage Sunglasses. I think we might be seeing a trend here as we have been … [Read more...]


Costa Del Mar sunglasses have been long time favorites of both my husband and myself. We both wear Costa Del Mar sunglasses on a regular basis. I am happy to announce that Costa Del Mar Sunglasses are a new sponsor. I have been angling to get them to be a sponsor for a while as I like the product so much and want to see them in more optical … [Read more...]

Sun Protection Even When It Rains

It is rainy and cold right now, even in Southern California. I didn't need my sunglasses today or so I thought, the sun came out for a few seconds and the glare off the wet road was blinding. I quickly put my polarized, Costa Del Mar 580 lenses on. You can't find a better polarized lens than these and I was no longer driving blind. This is a good … [Read more...]