Facial Recognition For Eyecare Professionals

I have to tell you Facial Recognition is a mixed bag. On one hand, the ability to pick out people via facial recognition software is good if looking for criminals, but bad if you want any type of privacy. As we have seen over the years, quite a few online eyewear companies utilize 'online Try-On technology including Ditto and Automeyes. There … [Read more...]

ClearVision Brings Camera-Ready Eyewear to the Market With PogoCam™

Strategic Partnership with PogoTec Brings World’s Smallest Attachable Camera to Popular Eyewear Line Las Vegas, Nev., -- January, 2017 -- ClearVision Optical announces its most advanced technology product to date with a new collection of eyewear featuring the PogoTrack™ wearable technology platform. The initial product offering is launching out … [Read more...]

40 Smart Glasses For 2017

By our estimation there are over 80 Smart Glasses available on the market today. Many of these are available now or you can pre-order from their websites, Facebook or Amazon. Over 50 of these smart glasses are being crowd-sourced and the majority of those crowd sourced have made their funding goals. Most are probably dreaming of the day to … [Read more...]

Fuel3D Signs Deal With Augmented Reality Co Fitting Box

New 3D scanning feature developed with FittingBox enhances eyewear virtual try-on solution 2016 – Fuel3D, a leading 3D capture and imaging innovator, and FittingBox, the world leader in virtual try-on solutions for eyewear announced a new 3D scanning collaboration for in-store try-on systems. FittingBox currently offers an in-store virtual … [Read more...]

#Listday: Choosing Optical Lab Software

As we head to Vision Expo West, one area that might need exploring is Optical  Lab Software, AKA LMS. Lab Software is the process of automating Rx lens fabrication. The functions are designed to manage the production process and the business management of lens manufacturing for conventional and freeform/digital surfacing, edging, and AR … [Read more...]

Biz Eyes Makes Interchangeable 3D Eyewear

Last April we wrote about a new Chinese 3D Eyewear Company called Biz Eyes. Biz Eye's concept was to have a basic frame and use the lens part as an attachment that you can mix and match to your mood. The basic frame is a clear round shape and the shaped fashion accessories are just screwed in. We know 3D Eyewear is the … [Read more...]

How Many Optical Apps Are There?

The good news and the bad news about Apps. A few years ago we posted a list of eyewear and optical apps. There were about 100. They ranged under various categories from Medical to Entertainment. Guess what, many of those apps that were listed a few years ago are gone.. but for every gone App, hundreds have replaced them. What we do know, as … [Read more...]

Glass Up Smart Glass Video

Glass Up is one of the top Smart Glass Contenders. This video gives you an update on what this technology glasses can do. Augmented Reality, reading email, checking Linked In... the possibilities are endless. … [Read more...]

CLX System and My Vision Express Announce Integration Upgrades

(ST.LOUIS, Mo., Jan., 2015) – CLX, a contact lens ordering and management system, and My Vision Express (MVE), a practice management and electronic health record (EHR) system, have integrated system upgrades that leverage cloud-based technology to help eye care professionals (ECPs) streamline contact lens ordering, tracking, and marketing, from any … [Read more...]

Marketing Trends In The Digital World

Mary Meeker is a venture capitalist and former Morgan Stanley securities analyst. She is a partner in the Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers who have been among some of the early investors in some companies you might have heard of, such as Amazon, Apple, America Online,  Shazam, Compaq, Electronic Arts, … [Read more...]

Wearable Tech, Smart Glasses And Google Glass Updates

Our Wearable Tech, Smart Glass and Google Glass Snippets for the week. The Viral News of the week: Google Glass now open to all and Samsungs Gear Blink Glass Smart Glasses Samsung Gear Glass smart glasses launching in September? What Mobile Following yesterday's announcement that Google Glass is finally going on ... We had previously … [Read more...]

Wearable Technologies- Smart Glass Updates For The Week

Our Wearable Technology, Smart Glasses and Google Glass Snippets And Updates For the Week  Wearable Technology UnifyVoice: Will Wearable Technology Be The Next Office Tool? Consumer Electronics Net ... the wearables. Wearable computers include a variety of devices, from eyewear such as Google Glass to smart watches such as the Samsung … [Read more...]

Smart Glass Updates For The Week

Our Wearable Technology, Smart Glass and Google Glass snippets for last week. The big viral news, Google is trying to Trademark the word Glass.. what a mess that would be! APPs Turning a mobile app into a wearable one: Pocketbook shares their first forays with Google Glass StartupSmart We hear a lot about apps created specifically for Google … [Read more...]

Smart Glasses And Wearable Technology Updates For the Week

For the week of March -27 here are the wearable technology and smart glass snippets. Moverio is pre-selling their smart glasses, Microsoft is coming out of the gate with gaming smart glasses. Infrared Red Contact lenses still getting play on the net. Rochester Optical has made some serious contracts and distributing Vuzix. Global Eyewear Market … [Read more...]

Smart Glass And Wearable Technology Snippets For The Week

Lots and Lots of updates on wearable technology in the eyewear sector. Google Glass Apps and Updates are all going viral. The biggest news of course is Luxottica and Google working together, but really, we all knew that was going to happen. Wearable Technology Study Finds One In Six People Already Own A Piece Of Wearable … [Read more...]