Eyecare-Eyewear-Eye Exam Apps 2013

Our Updated Eyecare-Eye Health App list for 2013. . These are not all the apps, but I think we got most of the eye health, eye exam, try on eyewear.  You would be reading for---ever. We have not tried any of the below apps. but feel free to test, try and make a comment and let us know what you think! Try On Eyewear -Virtual Trunk Shows And … [Read more...]

Optical Innovators: Eyeing The Future: Technology Eyewear

Is the future of eyewear as we know it going away? I don't think so, but for those eyecare innovators, this might be the time to add in a whole new category of eyeglasses: We call it Tech-Eye.  Check out some of the specialized glasses that can help you drive to managing emotions!  You can visit more Eyewear and Vision of The Future on our … [Read more...]

Eyewear Of The Future- Augmented Reality

We have been blogging about Augmented Reality eyewear for 4 years! If you haven't heard of the Google Glass Project which is set to go public in 2013.. there are other alternatives to Augmented Reality Eyewear. Check out some of these technology glasses, who just might give google a run for the money. Vuzix Star 1200 XL- Video eyewear … [Read more...]

Eyeballs Of The Future

Continuing on  with the future of vision.. Check out some the advancements that have been made from Stem Cells to Retinal Prosthesis. For more information on Vision Of The Future and Contact Lenses.. please check out both our Pinterest Boards - Eyewear Technology and Contact Lens Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System-U.S. Food and Drug … [Read more...]

Technology Trends 2013

We all hate wasting time…and money….and since time is money, why waste either? As we begin 2013, we look forward as to how to improve our lives and the lives of our patients and customers to make this year our best year ever! I have been asked by Cathy to look at some of the online and digital trends for 2013 and help offer a clue as to where we … [Read more...]

Broken Bandwidth?

We’ve talked a few times in the past few months about owning your own URL and getting professional hosting. A number of people have just sort of nodded and said “whatever” in the voice of their teenager when we discuss this with them. Then one day they call in a panic saying their email doesn’t work or their website is acting funny. They have … [Read more...]

PlanetVA Launches Eyecare App That Simplifies In-store Eyewear

For many of us, the most important aspect of choosing optical frames or sunglasses is how they look on our face. The eyewear client could try on every pair of eyeglasses in the store to find out how each one looks, but narrowing down one's choices in advance can save a lot of time and aggravation. The client could determine his/her face shape and … [Read more...]

Eye Browsing The EyeBrowser

Vision Care Product News/ First Vision Media Group just launched their first App The Eye Browser, which is FREE to eyecare professionals and consumers. It is also compatible with iPhone, iPads and iPod Touch. So we asked Frank Giammanco a few questions: 1.)   Why did you launch the eyebrowser? We launched it as a vehicle to showcase eyewear … [Read more...]

More Augmented Reality Eyewear on The Way

EPFL scientists in the Laboratory of Photonic Devices are currently working on a prototype that's similar to the project announced this spring by Google. The applications envisioned for this eagerly awaited invention run the gamut – games, GPS, teaching enhancement, support for the deaf and hard of hearing, and myriad other kinds of augmented … [Read more...]

Backup before you Crackup

Ever have a patient run into your practice in a panic because they lost their only pair of eyeglasses and need someone now? The first statement out of your mouth is “Sure, I would be happy to sell you a new pair of eyeglasses.” The second is “You should always have a backup pair of eyeglasses, so let’s look at multiple frames.” We are always trying … [Read more...]

Focusing on emPower!

This was a very fun assignment for me - reporting on our competition winner from "Win a Pair of emPower! or Free Trip to Vision Expo East 2012".  Brenda is shown receiving her prize - emPower! electronic focusing eyeglasses provided by Pixel Optics. We thought it would be interesting for our readers to hear about the process: 1. Brenda … [Read more...]

Rumors Confirmed Google Eyewear- ‘Project Glass’ Video

2 years of rumors later, Google finally confirms they are working on Project Glass. Here is the demonstration video, of the future of eyewear … [Read more...]

Incredible Eyefographic: Doctor’s Tech Tools

Great infographic on doctors tech trends, who is using what, where and and why. This Easy to read infographic is from Spina Bifida . Interesting information how doctors of all types are embracing the digital age and social media. ++ Click to Enlarge Image ++ Image Source: SpinaBifidaInfo.com … [Read more...]

Do Your Optical Patients Have Problems Seeing 3D?

They are not alone if they do! I just watched a movie in 3D at an expensive luxury theater, $20 per seat! First of all the 3D glasses were just thrown in a tray from the previous showing, not cleaned, just there for our "convenience". Yuk, I wanted to leave at that point. But my husband dutifully cleaned mine and his, then I struggled to wear them … [Read more...]

iPhone, iPad And Android Eyecare Apps

A while ago we did a post on the appitude culture- and with the latest app on the market Glasses Off ,we thought we would give you an update on  eyecare, eyewear and eye health apps. Some are free, some you pay for. Try On Eyewear -Virtual Trunk Show MobiShades Allows Users To Try On Eyewear iWear - Try glasses online with app Total … [Read more...]