Trispecs Making Debut at Vision Expo Las Vegas

All you techno fans visiting Vision Expo later this month should go and check out Trispecs in the Galleria #G22018. We did a post on this new blue tooth eyewear product back in January, Blue Tooth Sunglasses. Now you can see them in person as the company is launching this exciting new product at Vision Expo West. They are in the process of … [Read more...]

Carl Zeiss Cinemizer Eyewear

Video Eyewear from Carl Zeiss Vision allows you to watch movies anywhere. These glasses place videos from portable players directly in front of your eyes, using Carl Zeiss optics. The bridge is replaceable and you can adjust the temples as well as wearers can set their own prescription separately for each eye. The Cinemizer will be available … [Read more...]

GPS Sunglasses

I am going to be really honest with you- these sunglasses are a little bulky and I have a problem with everybody relying on GPS. It is getting to the point that people do not know how to read a map, coupled with the fact that GPS is not always right. That said- here are some GPS sunglasses- the links don't seem to go anywhere- but hey- we are … [Read more...]

MyVu Video Eyewear Has iPhone Compatibility

More wearable eyewear technology from MyVue Crystal . Thesse video glasses work with Apple iPhone. Myvu Crystal video glasses are priced at around USD$300 while the new works with iPhone cable  costs about $24.95. … [Read more...]

New Mission Impossible Gadget for the Exam Room

I know this is actually meant for the military, but I can see this in exam rooms hooked up to optical equipment. It's not really a Ninja Gadget, but it looks like something a Ninja would wear. AUSTIN, Texas, July 14 /PRNewswire/ -- In critical situations, instant and reliable communication is imperative. iKey's new AK-39 keyboard is designed to … [Read more...]

Brain Hacking Eyewear

(WIRED) -- Hackers who commandeer your computer are bad enough. Now scientists worry that someday, they'll try to take over your brain. In the past year, researchers have developed technology that makes it possible to use thoughts to operate a computer, maneuver a wheelchair or even use Twitter -- all without lifting a finger. But as neural … [Read more...]

Calvin Klein USB Sunglasses

Wearable technology is the future- and finally a mainstream optical brand name has come up with wearable technology. The Calvin Klein sunglasses come with a detachable right temple that houses the 4GB memory devices. We don't know if Marchon has this collection of sunglasses. … [Read more...]

Video-WiFi Camera and Eyeglass Displaying Movies

Tom Hanks wearing a prototype of Sony's bendable video screen, a Wi-Fi camera and eyeglasses that display movies! The new first of its kind Wi-Fi camera allows users to upload videos and photos to websites without use of a personal computer. … [Read more...]

iShades- Holographic Optics

  Introducing iShades 5G. With fast 5G wireless technology, 3D GPS mapping, support for personal DVD/HDTV, Google Virtual Earth 3D, and instant communication anywhere in actual or virtual space, iShades 5G puts an RGB-layered holographic optical element at your fingertips. It provides completely clear see-through operation for applications … [Read more...]

Interactive Data Eyeglasses-

  ScienceDaily (June 8, 2009) — New data eyeglasses can read from the engineer’s eyes which details he needs to see on the building plans. A CMOS chip with an eye tracker in the microdisplay makes this possible. The eyeglasses are connected to a PDA, display information and respond to commands.   For car designers, secret agents in the movies … [Read more...]

Kodak Lens – New Technology to Reduce Eyestrain

I recently interviewed Ed DeRosa, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Signet Armorlite, Inc. and we got to talking about Kodak Lens - New Technology to Reduce Eyestrain. I think it is a very interesting product and that I should blog about it. I think it is interesting for several reasons, the first one is personal as I get frequent headaches … [Read more...]

Inside These Lenses, a Digital Dimension

Peter Hollis, OD one of our subscribers forwarded this article for the blog, "Inside These Lenses, a Digital Dimension" from the New York Times. It is fascinating, very futuristic. "Inside These Lenses, a Digital Dimension" By ANNE EISENBERG, Published: April 25, 2009 EARBUDS can pipe audio directly from a portable player to the ear. But … [Read more...]

Yesterday’s Articles- Using Explorer as Your Browser

Yesterday we posted two articles that did not show up if you are using Explorer as your browser. We apologize for that. Both Shirley and I use Firefox and or Safari- so when we double check it looks great- when you receive your newsletters- it doesn't. We don't know why- and we will continue to investigate- but it appears it's only when using … [Read more...]

New Test for Preemie Eye Disease

Here is an interesting story about a new test for preemie eye disease that I read about in my local paper. The story is by Lauran Neergaard, Associated Press: A few doctors around the country are involved in a new test for preemie eye disease using a new tool that enables them, for the first time, to watch how retinopathy of prematurity or … [Read more...]

ichart-iDoctors-iPhone- Cyber Optometrist

Retro Optometrist- now Cyber Optometrist! Now you can give an exam all time! Lucky you- no excuses now when you go to your family events and everybody wants to tell you about their eye problems. ... this video shows an iPhone being used as a vision screener! … [Read more...]