10 Keys to Optical Vendor Tracking

Getting help from your vendors can help you with the success of your office. Keeping track of all the various programs, education, events and even trade support can be challenging. We highly recommend you have a form (on the computer) for each vendor you see. We count each rep as a vendor.  This form should be discussed with each of your reps in … [Read more...]

Effective Business Meetings

How many of us actually sit down and have a business discussion with each of our vendors? I'm not talking about sitting down and buying. I am talking about having an open and honest discussion of your needs and goals and how that vendor fits into your marketing and inventory plans. We highly recommend at least once a year to meet with every one … [Read more...]

Improving Your Vendor Relationships

This is a subject that is very true to my heart. Having been a vendor for over 20 years, I had always tried to be the very best rep in the field. Set appointments, never no- showed, never lied, stole, cheated or deceived, provided training and other like programs. I remember once, I was trying to set up a business meeting with a Dr. - He asked me … [Read more...]