National Cat Day: Seven Things You Need To Know About Cat’s Eyes

National Cat Day is October 29 and guess what? There is an official website known as National Cat Day. National Cat Day was founded in 2005 by Pet and Family Lifestyle Expert & Animal Welfare Advocate Colleen Paige to help galvanize the public to recognize the number of cats that need to be rescued each year and also to encourage cat lovers to … [Read more...]

The Future Is In Focus: Shark Tank At Vision Expo West

Tuesday at Vision Expo West, I had the opportunity to attend the Future in Focus Meeting. If you have been reading about the Future Technology of the optical business, you would have loved this event. You would have really loved this event, if you wanted to get on the ground investing floor of these up and coming companies. That is what they did, … [Read more...]

Annual Costs Related to Eye Disease to Reach $717 Billion by 2050

New Report from Prevent Blindness-  Data Shows Staggering Projected Increases in Eye Disease Cases, Direct Health-related Costs CHICAGO (June, 2014) – As the U.S. population ages, the number of those with eye disease and vision problems will continue to spiral upward.  A new report released by Prevent Blindness, “The Future of Vision: … [Read more...]

Netflix-Streaming Marketing Opportunities For Fatigued Eyeballs

Ok, here I go again.  What could Netflix possibly have to do with your customers, or their eyes? Netflix recently released its 3rd quarter earnings, which were much higher than analysts anticipated. Ok, great for Netflix, right? Well, yes, but see the possibilities here.  Netflix ended September with 31.1 million U.S. subscribers, eclipsing … [Read more...]

13 Tips To Market Home Eye Safety Month

We like you receive a ton of information, the question always arises is how to effectively market to your patients. As an example, October is Home Eye Safety Month, could you think of other ways to market to your patients? 13 Tips To Market Home Eye Safety Month Get on Press Release List from selected  vendors or non-profits. Press Releases … [Read more...]

Chinese Boy Is First Human That Can See In the Dark

A young Chinese boy with glow in the dark cat’s eyes has stunned doctors with his ability to see in pitch black darkness. Doctors have studied Nong Youhui’s amazing eyesight since his dad took him to hospital in Dahua, southern China, concerned over his bright blue eyes. Dad Ling said: “They told me he would grow out of it and that his eyes … [Read more...]

16 Children EyeGlass Books: August 9th is Book Lovers Day

I am shocked at the illiteracy Statistics. I started out to do a Back to School  post and just had my eyes opened. Parents can't read, kids can't read.. and why not? Undetected eye problems, no eye examination, uncaring family, teachers.. . ?? To me, these stats make your job so much more important. Shouldn't you, as eyecare professionals be … [Read more...]

Children And Their Eye Health EyeFo-Graphic: August is Children’s Vision Month

COVD has dedicated August as Children's Vision and Learning Month. Quite startling statistics and scary if you think about our future kids. … [Read more...]

Eye-Fograhpic: What Your Doctor Looks For: August Is National Eye Exam Month

August is National Eye Exam Month: This is a good time to remind patients what you are all about, what you do and how to keep the eyes healthy.         … [Read more...]

Duke University Team Discovers a Gene Mutation Tied To Severe Myopia

When it comes to reading, teachers re-tell the same stories year after year. One student holds a book inches from his face and requests to sit in the front row. His sister seems perfectly content in a desk toward the back of class and can easily read papers at arm’s length. It’s not uncommon for children to have varying degrees of eyesight. But … [Read more...]

Scientists Discover New Layer Of The Human Cornea

The viral eye news of the last week was the discover of a new layer in the Cornea: Scientists at The University of Nottingham have discovered a previously undetected layer in the cornea, the clear window at the front of the human eye. The breakthrough, announced in a study published in the academic journal Ophthalmology, could help surgeons to … [Read more...]

20 Eye Exam Tricks

Funny, Good and Educational You Tube Video: 20 examination for ophthalmology or optometry providers. Covers techniques for detecting malingerers, facticious blindness, macular sparing neurologic scotomas, potential vision with dense cataracts, and neuromuscular disorders like myasthenia gravis. The post will not show up here is the link on YouTube  … [Read more...]

Eye-fographic- What We Learn Through Our Eyes

Eye didn't know this either.. Good reason to be promoting children's eye exams on websites, blogs, Facebook and local schools.   Source: via Optical on Pinterest … [Read more...]

Eyeballs Of The Future

Continuing on  with the future of vision.. Check out some the advancements that have been made from Stem Cells to Retinal Prosthesis. For more information on Vision Of The Future and Contact Lenses.. please check out both our Pinterest Boards - Eyewear Technology and Contact Lens Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System-U.S. Food and Drug … [Read more...]

Eye-fographic- The TellTale Eye

Do you look in a persons eyes all the time? After reading this, I am definitely going to start making note of what people's eyes say.. I wonder how that works in texting? Source: via Optical on Pinterest … [Read more...]