The purpose of this site is to provide your optical provider with additional resources for education, training, marketing and all things optical. Although we are primarily concerned with the optical retail side of things that doesn’t mean that you are not welcome to read anything on this site and look for information. Our goal is to make sure that the consumer has as much knowledge and insight as possible as we think the more the consumer knows about optical products and services the better their optical purchase experience will be.

Here are some things you should know before you go for an eye exam and/or purchase eyewear besides the fact that you should have regular eye exams. If you are among the approximately 12 million Americans with an uncorrected vision problem, you would benefit from a visit to the eye doctor. An eye doctor can see things you can’t – eye exams can detect many health conditions, like diabetes, hypertension and serious eye and vision problems, many of which have no warning signs. Children need eye exams as well.

1. Don’t assume that your best deal is from a big box store or large chain retailer as many independent and small chains have different products and offer promotions as well.

2. Check to see if you have any employer type vision insurance. If you do have insurance, you need to make sure that the optical provider is in your plan. Most optical retailers belong to several different insurance plans. Many vision care providers will offer discounts to those without vision insurance.

3. When it comes to eyewear – one size doesn’t fit all! Various lifestyles, occupations and activities require different types of frames and lenses. Matching your unique lifestyle needs with the appropriate eyewear will not only improve vision and protect your eyes, but also can enhance your look, performance and comfort. Your optical provider should be asking you lots of questions to find out what your specific needs are.

You can prepare by becoming more informed, the perfect place for this is The Vision Council you can click this link to learn more.

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