Contact Lens Winners And Losers 2015

With over 30 Million people wearing contact lenses in the USA, I am surprised there is not as much winners or losers. Now 2014 was a bad year for the contact lens industry. Product recalls, parasites eating eyeballs and a few more arrests.

Winners: Law Enforcement For Arresting Illegal Contact Lens Sellers   Winners

  • Criminal charges were filed Oct. 23 against 10 owners of Southern California businesses, including three people from Chino Hills, in the sale of cosmetic contact lenses without prescriptions, according to the U.S. Attorney, Central District of Los Angeles. Chino Hills residents Dong Ki Min, 51, owner of J2 Trading Inc; Kathy Hwang, 51, owner of Fashion 20 in La Puente; and Sin Young Yi, 59, owner of Yi’s Accessories in the Central Mercado Mini Mall in La Puente are facing up to a year in federal prison and fines up to $200,000, Mr. Mrosek said. Also arrested during the investigation were Farshid Ben Cohen, 53, of Los Angeles, owner of Arianna Beauty in downtown Los Angeles; Alex Mario Collantes Marxelly, 40, owner of Zebra Accessories in San Bernardino; Ron Moazzez, 69, of Encino, owner of Hollywood Toys and Costumes Inc. in Hollywood; Susie Shin, 52, of La Mirada, owner of My Treasure in Buena Park; Sarah Park, 55, of La Mirada, owner of Fashion 4-U Inc. in Garden Grove; La Moda XVII doing business as Fashion Q in Baldwin Park; and Grace Lee, no age or city of residence available, owner of Zzotta Shoes in the Pacific View Mall in Ventura.
  • A Corona-based company and a Highland party business owner are among defendants accused of selling contact lenses without required prescriptions, according to a U.S. Attorney’s Office news release Six cases filed this week allege 12 defendants sold contact lenses without the required prescriptions, called misbranding. Some were contaminated with a bacterial strain that could cause severe infections. (Source)
  • Operation Fright Night- LOS ANGELES – The owners and operators of 10 Southern California businesses were charged today in federal court with illegally selling cosmetic contact lenses without prescriptions. Some of the products that were purchased in connection with this investigation were contaminated with dangerous pathogens that can cause eye injury, blindness and loss of the eye.  The 10 criminal informations filed late this afternoon charge the store operators with selling “misbranded” contact lenses because they were sold without prescriptions. The products that were allegedly illegally sold were marketed as Halloween and beauty accessories under names such as Wonder Look, Red Rose, Black & White, Beauty World and Crazy Eagle. (FDA)
  • Corcoran: Women arrested for selling illegal contact lenses (Source)

Losers: People who Abused Contact Lenses 

  • Woman arrested near Brownwood with meth concealed in contact lens case  (Contact Lens)
  • Suspects shoplift $1,000 worth of contact lenses. Those contact Lenses in a convenience store are ILLEGAL (Video) Source)
  • An university student had her right eye’s cornea ripped by novelty contact lenses she was wearing as part of her Halloween costume. (Source)
  • Manchester UK: Halloween contact lenses almost blinded me says woman left in agony by novelty eye-wear (Source)
  • Michigan teen left partially blind after buying costume contacts at Gibraltar Trade Center (Source)
  • LOS ANGELES Colored contacts were supposed to be part of a fun Halloween costume for 17-year-old Leah Carpenter and her powderpuff team. All were dressing as zombies with creepy contact lenses. (Source)
  • South Carolina Meet Julian Hamlin, a 23-year-old from Florence, South Carolina, who went blind in his left eye after wearing color contacts he bought at a gas station. (Source)
  • Cincinnati Man goes blind in one eye after sleeping while wearing contact lenses-  Chad Groeschen, 39, a sculptor from Cincinnati, visited a doctor after his eyes became itchy, but realised his condition was serious when he awoke one morning to severe pain and an almost total loss of vision in his left eye. Groeschen will now need a cornea transplant to regain the vision in his eye, he told BuzzFeed News, and urged people to “maintain impeccable hygiene” with their eyes. (Source)
  • Nottingham: A recent eye infection suffered by 18-year-old Nottingham University student Jess Greaney is the kind of story that fills us with horror. Greaney had keratitis, an inflammation of the cornea, caused by Acanthamoeba castellanii, a parasite that was living and feasting on her eye. Acanthamoeba keratitis (AK) is a neglected malady frequently associated with contact lens wear and it is thought Greaney caught the bug after splashing tap water on her contact lenses.

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