Hubble Contacts Raises $7.2 Million

Who is Hubble Contacts? Another start up subscription contact lens company has just raised $7.2 Million in seed money to bring affordable contact lens to the consumer door.


Hubble Contacts wants to maintain relationships with eyecare professionals and is building an Eye Exam Network with doctors.


Hubble is NOT the first Subscription Contact Lens Service. As reported before,SightBox an Optometrist venture is endeavoring to do the exact same thing.  Sightbox calls the doctor, sets up and pays for the appointment.


Hubble’s Contact lenses are FDA approved contacts out-sourced from Asia, while SightBox’s are brand names.

In addition another Contact Lens subscription service Optikal just launched on Indiegogo to raise $5000. I think they might make it,

What we know, the subscription business is part of Fast Fashion and growing. We have seen other eyewear in particular subscription business come and go. Contact lenses might have a chance in this lucrative multi-billion dollar businesss.


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