Theatrical Contact Lens Sold Illegally in Atlanta

This is our annual reminder to post on your website or blog the dangers of buying theatrical contact lens from non-authorized sources. Colored Contact Lens definitely are great opportunities for eyecare professionals although.

WSB-TV 2 Action News in Atlanta recently uncovered several instances of theatrical contact lenses and other color contacts being sold illegally in the Atlanta area.

One woman, who purchased tinted, non-prescription color contact lenses without a prescription at an Atlanta flea market for about $20, ended up with a serious eye infection requiring medical treatment.

Other colored contact lenses were being sold illegally in convenience stores and gas stations, the news team found (see video).

U.S. federal law requires that all contact lenses, even those without corrective lens power (called “plano” lenses) that are worn purely for cosmetic reasons, cannot be sold or purchased without a valid contact lens prescription written by a licensed eye care provider.

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