Branding Your Eyecare Office

The key to successful branding is consistency.  Once you’ve created a logo and look that you feel reflects your company’s unique image, whether it be clean and contemporary, casual and friendly, or hip and trendy, it is important that you stay true to your individual identity. Everything you produce impacts how people will see you.  From your business card to brochures, postcards to ads and your website, everything needs to be consistent and compelling from one medium to the next.


Note- Branding Theme in Brocheures

Your retail collateral should inherently express your branding. If you sell luxury, classic, stylish eyewear, your catalog and in store displays should reflect this. Use nice paper, classic fonts and stylish photography.  These details are important and directly convey to the consumer what you represent.  If you use an edgy font or drastically change the color palette from dark blues to fluorescent pinks, your customers will be confused.  Proper branding, consistent usage of your logo, key colors, images and fonts will build your brand recognition to create a memorable identity that your customers will be drawn to.

Submitted by Becky Chan and Heather Chan Graphic Designers Focus Group West

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