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Attention Eyecare Professionals: Would you like to make $50 and get educated? You can, check out the Vision Expo Education Highlights below and tell us what you want to learn at Vision Expo West this year. We have four $50 American Express Gift Checks from Vision Expo to give out  for the best comments received before August 16, 2011.We also want to learn, therefore,  the “best comments” are those that help us find out what you are most interested in learning from the Continuing Education program.

Vision Expo West has over 388 hours of continuing education — like Visionomics, Boot Camps, Frame Buyers’ and e-technology programs

Vision Expo Education provides Eyecare providers with opportunities to learn best practices for:

  • Disease diagnosis, treatment and management
  • Clinical application of products and technology
  • Healthy business solutions

The comprehensive program covers a wealth of information for all eyecare professionals and is organized into the following segments:

  • Clinical/Medical: From diagnosis and treatment of disease to contact lenses, pharmacology, neurology, and nutrients you’ll gain insight and best practices from leading clinicians that will enable you to practice to the fullest extent of your license
  • Business Solutions: 39 exclusive business solutions courses to increase efficiency, improve practice management and provide comprehensive patient care.
  • Optical Technology: Gain access to the latest information on processing equipment and lens and frame technology and the clinical application of these products for increased patient satisfaction.
  • Contact Lenses: Comprehensive and extensive education offerings range from the entry-level Boot Camp for technicians and opticians to contemporary hot topics like lens care and advanced sessions such as scleral lens technologies.
  • Board Certification Review: A unique curriculum design and teaching method to foster clinical problem-solving. Twenty hours of comprehensive preparation for the Board Certification Exam for all optometrists. Includes how to prepare and study for the exam featuring proven test-taking strategies.
  • Visionomics®: 15 courses focused on tips for assessing and maximizing the profits and profitability of a practice in any economy.
  • Management & Business Academy: The acclaimed MBA offers effective management strategies and proven methods for independent optometric practices to optimize patient satisfaction and financial performance.
  • Frame Buyers Certificate Program: 13 hours of content dedicated to streamline the process of managing, monitoring, positioning and promoting your frame inventory
  • Staff Training and Cross Training: Grow your business and enhance patient care by building the skills of your entire staff. From Boot Camp for new hires to hands on workshops this is the most cost effective way to engage and educate your team
  • Allied Health: 16 hours of education designed for technologists, paraoptometrics and assistants. Expand your ophthalmic practice knowledge from history taking to examination and discover ways to assist and add value in a medical environment.
  • Cursos de Español: 10 horas de educación diseñada para satisfacer las necesidades de nuestros asistentes de habla española. Estas sesiones ofrecen una mezcla dinámica de información relativa a la nueva tecnología de lentes y la forma de enriquecer su comprensión del negocio.10 hours of education custom designed to meet the needs of our Spanish speaking attendees. These sessions offer a dynamic blend of information related to emerging lens technology and how to enrich your business savvy.


EXHIBITION: September 22 – 24, 2011 | EDUCATION: September 21 – 25, 2011
Sands Expo & Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

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  1. Barry Raines says:

    VEW is a chance to get updated on the latest products and frame styles since the spring show. It offers a unique opportunity to exchange both information and ideas in a more relaxed work setting(Vegas Baby!)

  2. Staff training is the most interesting to me because without a great staff our offices will fail!

  3. jamie davis says:

    one the best network arena. and how to handle frame reps.

  4. Vision Expo is an excellent training tool not only for myself, but for our staff. This year I am going with 9 staff members. I look forward to learning better management techniques and gaining new perspective on items we currently use. I hope to gain more insight on staffing, management, increasing profit margins and business planning. Vision Expo is also great team building time for the staff that goes and I look forward to returning to our office with renewed energy and plans for improvement.

  5. I always learn alot from Vision Expo – Been going for 8 years now. Wonderful instructors, great course materials, and I enjoy the learning experience, even at my age! I like the medical aspect of the conference, and am always looking for ways to enhance our practice, and have found many tips/techniques from my trips to Vision Expo!

  6. Steven Bathka says:

    Vision Expo West has it all, The best education, All the Vendors, Free food, Free Credits, Free Drinks, Great Night Life. It’s the one with everything.

  7. Tiffany Koepfer says:

    I want to learn more about all the new contact lenses and solutions. There are too many! And I can’t keep up with all the new technology.

  8. Michelle Mattera says:

    Vision Expo offers the most complete and affordale education in our industry. From social networking classes teaching free business promotion to advanced free-form lens technology, the education is the best available. I was lucky enough to attend a VEW “review meeting” in 2009 and it was a great experience to meet with the board directors. They we eager to hear feedback and took notes on all comments made, both negative and positive to make changes they saw appropriate. Thank you for offering such a variety of classes, it is much needed and appreciated! P.S. Professor Joe Simmoms is my absolute favorite – have him teach more CE hours there!!! Thanks Vision Expo!

  9. Michelle Mattera says:

    *Simmons* Sorry 🙂

  10. Samantha S says:

    I hope to get tips to effectively use social media and E-Marketing to our benefit!

  11. Being from south Georgia has many drawbacks. We aren’t in a major city and access to some things takes time. But going to Vision West allows us to get the newest frames and have them in our office before the east coast vendors even get it. We can offer our patients the newest and greatest before anyone even sees it. You either lead, follow or get out of the way. We say, “FOLLOW US”. . .
    See you in Vegas!!!!!

  12. Great chance to get away and work harder than any days work in the office…walk and talk…. and check out the trends… always learn something new….and always come back enthused to inspire our staff to be better and more skilled…..
    wish there was a staffing section…. where opticians could look for great jobs… and we could find the best of the best!THAT WOULD BE GOOD! AS far as learning…something as simple as how to provide great service, sales, multiple pair sales, how to sell with integrity, and follow up service…. and how to hcange the mentality of the consumer that glasses are like shoes…..you dont only need one pair!

  13. Great way to see everything out there in the optical world whether it be frames, equipment, meds, or whatever you use in your practice.

  14. Open forum discussions on how to reign in VSP, and get that third party plan to be more provider friendly. They are now in direct competition with us.

  15. Shaina DeStefano says:

    We are from a smaller town in Missouri, we would like to know “STYLE.” We want to know how and when to start different styles in this small town area. Our area is behind on ‘TRENDS,’ so we would like to know when to expect the trend to get to us, and what the best way to add the trend into our area without overly doing it.

  16. Steven Gould says:

    I would like a seminar to go into cl materials; best cleaning systems for each type and especially for specific types of buildup problems. It would be great to get into the chemisty of it.

  17. Kam Silani says:

    Vision Expo West offers a forum for eyecare professionals to share insight from progressive practice management skills to unique ocular disease cases. Furthermore, the Expo spreads a wealth of knowledge from the trends of eyewear fashion to state-of-the-art technology. Come indulge in the allure that Vegas captures @ Vision Expo West.

  18. New developments in equipment.

  19. This is my second year attending Vision Expo. This year I hope to gain knowledge on the new progressive technology and the new equipment. This year my office is working on many changes like in-house edgging, new and up dated frame trends for the new branch. I am hopping to learn lots on how to mangae frame inventory for both offices, profit increase, and all thats new out there.

  20. Vision Expo is a must for Optical professionals who want to keep up with the latest in equipment and lens technology, straight talk on how to improve sales and service taught by experienced professionals in the field and of course the latest fashion trends to keep your frame sales as high as possible. You can’t afford not to attend as far as our office is concerned!

  21. Vision Expo is my first choice when it comes to the place to be to learn about new technology, the latest trends, and to meet with the best vendors in the industry. It is also a great learning tool offering great continuing education classes and courses to effectively increase my knowledge on a variety of topics. In particular I would like to see a hands on training course on punctal plug occlusion or removal of corneal foreign bodies.
    In addition this year we are thinking of integrating our office software into a “hosted” system, and it would be nice to have a course discussing the pros and cons of having your own physical server or having your system in the “cloud”.

  22. Melanie R says:

    I would like a hands on course that explains lens designs and how they really work, the functions and how to simplify the verbage to patients. How to fit progressives based on individual rx. How to give patients enough education to pick quality over price.

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