Fashion Week – Big Eyewear Still With Us!

Big Eyewear is it here to stay for a while?

We like to keep up with fashion, style-glassesnot necessarily wearing it but looking to see what is new and trendy as it usually makes it way to eyewear! You may or may not know that Fashion Week  just ended. Here is one of the images from as you can see the eyewear is big! So it looks like big eyewear is here to stay for a while.

Will this continue into regular eyewear or just sunglasses? Any experts out there that can make some predictions for us? Some of you will be at  SILMO so would love to hear about what you see in Paris.

FRAME BUYING TIP FROM ONE OF OUR READERS, FERN ! Don’t be the only person in your optical practice to select and purchase frames, have several people, preferably different age groups make eyewear buying decisions as well so that you have a variety of opinions and don’t get stuck in a rut!

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