How To Use The Lensmeter – Complete Pair Single Vision Verification

In this week’s optician training, learn to use the lensmeter to start the verification process on a complete pair of mounted, single vision, spherocylinder lenses. The lesson covers verifying the lens sphere power, cylinder power, axis and PD. The Learn the Lensmeter kits are available for OpticianWorks Total Access members to check out. Instructions for requesting yours are in the OpticianWorks lesson on using the lensmeter (focimeter, vertometer). Each kit contains various types of lenses, frame fronts and assignments, to give you the ability to gain some practical experience. Learn More:

The lensmeter is the primary tool used by opticians in the verification of written eyeglass prescriptions. In this lesson we use the lensmeter to verify the lens sphere power, cylinder power, axis and patient pupillary distance in a pair of mounted single vision ophthalmic lenses. The video highlights the proper focus for lensmeter sphere lines, cylinder lines and axis position. Verifying single vision lenses is part of the daily routine of any optician. The lens verification process is also known as lens final inspection or glasses final inspection.


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