Optician Works And Optician Training

It seems like there are optometry schools opening up left and right and meanwhile where do opticians and other staff get Opticianworkstrained? We are huge believers in a full on yearly staff training program. Using your vendors, trade shows, All About Vision, podcasts and sites like Optician Works you can get your staff up an running to help you compete against the competition. Even online eyewear dealers have trained opticians manning the phone 24/7.. shouldn’t your staff be better than them?

Optician Works has 19 online classes, including videos on the following subjects:

  • Why People Wear Glasses and Contacts
  • How Lenses Can Correct Vision
  • Lens Design & Lens Materials
  • Interpretation of Written Prescription
  • All About Frames
  • Adjustments & Dispensing
  • Taking Measurements
  • Lens Treatments
  • Ordering Frames & Lab Work
  • Lensmeter & Verification
  • Repairs
  • Safety & Specialty Eyewear
  • Finishing & Surfacing Basics
  • Anatomy
  • Understanding & Working With Prism
  • Sales & Practice Management
  • Understanding & Working With Insurance Plans
  • All About Contact Lenses
  • All About Low Vision Aids

Recently, OpticianWorks revised their pricing for eyecare offices. Starting at $9.99 for individuals a smaller practice can develop a staff training for as little as $19.00 a month.

See More here at Optician Works 


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  1. When will Optician Works be opening for individual sign ups?

  2. They are not

  3. Dolores says:

    The site at opticianworks is open now for sign ups, is it not,
    and if it is why have you not responded back to Manny? It is also my understanding that the site has been in existance since 2008. I am very reluctant to sign up now because I get so much conflicting info as I search for any history on the site, I have not found any reviews anywhere, and when I see dialog like the last one on this site ….it just looks very fake. Any comments?

  4. Optician Works went through quite alot of changes. I will contact the owner of the site and have him respond back to your inquiry.

  5. Very much open. (Just paid my dues). Opened under laramyk optical.