Optician Works: Education For Optical Professionals

johnseegerspic-150x150As we go merrily into 2014, with google glass, obamacare, ACA and all the Warby Parker look-alikes, one of the easiest and best things you can do is to set up a consistent staff learning, training and educational program. One resource that we think you should invest in is Optician Works. Optician Works provides via written and YouTube, excellent training for all optical professionals.

Launched by John Seegers and ABO optician with 19 years of of hands on optical experience, decided to turn share his knowledge and keep the art of opticianry alive with a series of online education, that was not available to eyecare professionals.

The cost is $99 a year and worth it. Currently there is 19 classes to pick from, ranging from the basics Why People Wear Glasses to Eye Anatomy to Low Vision Aids. Glossaries to Fitting Guides, Contact Lenses to Adjustments. This site is not just for new opticians or paras and can be used as a review guide for experienced opticians.

If you are balking at the $99 a year, please remember this.. 1.) the only way to support continuing online education is to support it financially. The more support, the more training modules. 2.) The best way you can overcome online and discount eyewear companies is to have and market professional and trained staff. This is a affordable and excellent option.

If you have any questions, contact John Seegers or take a quick look at Optician Works. You will not regret it.


























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