Win Free Nights At Vision Expo West Contest

Eyecare Professionals can win THREE FREE Nights at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas. It is so easy to do, just make a comment below and tell us either 1.) Why you want to go 2.) What is your favorite part of Vision Expo.

Vision Expo West

CLICK  Vision Expo West for more information and to register.

Comments Need To Made by August 1, 2016. Winners will be picked by August 7, 2016

Vision Expo West is the largest, most all-inclusive ophthalmic conference in the world, the best value of all CE. The Conference dates for Vision Expo West are September 15-17 in Las Vegas.

Please make a comment and win!

Not all comments will win. Winners will be selected by International Vision Expo. Comments received after 8.1.2016 will not be eligible for this promotion. Show management to choose and book accommodations at an official show hotel.

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  1. I would love to attend vision expo west again. I found all the speakers and classes very informative. My favorite was going through the trade show and seeing the latest designs, and viewing that incredible printer, just mind blowing. The partys were quite fun too!!

  2. Edwin A. Perla says:

    Why would I like to go? It’s in Vegas BABEY! Not only that but I’m also being offer to bring 2 other friends with me, it doesn’t get better than that! This is an opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to explore the world through the eyes of others. I can’t wait to experience it again this year! I bet their new advancements in technology, games, and prizes it’s gonna blow people minds out of the water!! Pick Me*😉

  3. Love Vision Expos in Las Vegas and New York City. Great variety of CE and huge Vendor displays. Very disappointed in SECO-never again. Can’t wait for the Marchon party.

  4. Love Vision Expo in Las Vegas and New York City. I’ve been attending for 20 years. The Continuing Education is always excellent with a variety of speakers for doctors and staff. The Trade Show is huge! Vendors from around the world in one place makes for easy shopping, but exhausting.

    We save a little energy for the evening parties sponsored by the University of Houston, Spectera and Marchon. Eating, Drinking and Dancing into the nights. This is a must trip every year.

  5. Rudy interiano says:

    I like to go to the vision expo every year, they have always something new and there is people from all over the world, it’s fun and also you get afortable prices, you get to meet people and do business with others. I think the best part is to see different companies competing in pricing and quality.

  6. I love that Vision Expo allows me to Connect, Lead, and Learn with other field experts. My favorite part if the conference is learning about the latest technologies available in eye care.

  7. Vivian Norton says:

    I’m excited about going to Vision Expo West this year because I’ve had father, mother and brother pass away in the last two years. This time I can be my happy self and enjoy the exhibits and all the new things coming my way that will help better myself and our practice. Love the people there that put it all together. They are smiling and ready to assist in any way!

  8. Jaymin Kirby says:

    I enjoy the Vision Expo for it’s large selection of the newest products. I would love to get the opportunity to go this year because I want to take advantage of all the learning opportunities.

  9. Cherry Wong says:

    Love Vision Expo in Las Vegas ! A chance to connect with old friends there. They have always something new in the frame design which can inspire our direction. Eating, Drinking and Dancing into the nights; this is a must trip every year.

  10. Michael R Duncan says:

    I retired after 42 years in the Optical Industry. My very good friend Jim Tooke is being honored as a Pioneer at the Wednesday night banquet. I would love to be there to surprise Jim and celebrate his dedication to the industry.

  11. Coronado,Steve says:

    What’s my favorite part of Vision Expo West?

    What happens in Vegas , Doesn’t stay there, I bring it home!

    It’s about the synergy to be a part of with movers and shakers as networking in the industry that includes friends and new friends to make.
    Fun,Insightful education presentations I want to use to benefit my skill set.

  12. He is definitely a pioneer!

  13. Ebony Thomas says:

    Vision Expo is the event to go to you build excellent relationships and have fun. The exhibit hall is the best part I love it!!!!

  14. I’d love to go because I’ve never been before and I want to experience the whole industry. I’d love to take classes in marketing and sales and go to the famous Marchon party as. I wanna meet fun people and learn from their experiences. Maybe even see some old co-workers! LOL. And of course, it’s VEGAS!

  15. Vision Expo West provides us with valuable educational and technological advances in optometry. We love the frame fashion shows and frame displays.

  16. I value the new equipment demonstrations, as well as viewing all the new frames, particularly frames from overseas.

  17. Jeccea Bariteau says:

    VisionExpo is the best experience that everyone in the optical field needs to see!!!
    I love visiting all the frame vendors and seeing what’s new in fashion. Not to mention all the new technology introduced by lab’s and of course the new pre-testing machines. It’s so much fun using there new toys!!!!
    I look forward to going every year!

  18. I want to go to Vision Expo because it is the best place to get all needs for our optometric office taken care of in one place. Aside from the latest technology in lenses, the newest frames, equipment and instruments, I can learn about insurance billing and coding. I can see actual products rather than relying on a website or paper catalog. I can talk to company representatives and get all my questions answered. I can take courses & learn from experts in the field and talk with them to clarify points that I don’t understand. In short, it’s the hands on & person-to-person experience that I’m looking for.

  19. Paul Wilson says:

    Revisiting people you know is great. The Expo products and information you can inquire is the best part of VE. Education is awesome. And it’s party town!

  20. Thomas Wong says:

    Vision Expo in Las Vegas has education, entertainment, and a ton of professional resources.

  21. Why would I want to go to Vision Expo West 2016?
    Who wouldn’t??!
    I love learning about new technologies and products and passing the information along to our patients!
    AND Its in Vegas!

  22. Andy Nguyen says:

    Vegas is so much fun! It’s a wonderful opportunity to keep up-to-date with the industry and CEs. This is also a great chance to have lots of fun and reconnect with friends. That’s why I want to go.
    My favorite part of Vision Expo is the exhibit hall. I love seeing all the new, innovative products in person and meeting vendors face-to-face. It’s especially nice to see vendors invest their time into educating students that are also there.

  23. Linda Jordan says:

    I have been to Vision Expo twice and both times I have learn a great deal in the variety of classes offered. In addition the exhibit hall provides a wealth of ideas for merchandising, promotions and the latest in frame fashion, not to mention equipment, lens design and office management. I can’t wait!!

  24. Tammy Boudreau says:

    The reason I love going to vision expo west is because there are excellent continuing education with great speakers!!

  25. Jim Emanuel says:

    I am a retired optical professional. Well … that’s a mouthful. I have been to several Vision Expos going back to the Anaheim days. Did the Marchon parties ramp up with the Disney to High Stakes change of venue. Just a little mature humor.

    My hopes are attendees don’t miss the opportunities that will make then better doctors, optometrists and eyecare professionals. It is great to take classes to maintain certification.. That’s as long as the classes are expanding their skill set.

    Preaching may not be the best method. My formula was maybe two (2) classes in a 2-3 day stint (one business-based and one product-based) and to walk floor. for 2-3 hours a day. There would also be supplier meetings 2-3. Experience the total event.

    And the floor walk would become specific after Day 1. Yes, it was disciplined. Being retired, I miss that. Is that the best reason? No.

    My undergrad is in journalism and MBA is in marketing. I am freelancing writing for Jobson Publications. How about like an elder feeling like a young beat reporter? You know, breaking that big story.

    New information composes a great part of my nutritional intake. Imparting it to others is my exercise regimen. All I need is the vehicle given my compromised finances. That’s my story.

  26. Vivian Han says:

    Vision Expo is the best time to see all the greatest and latest innovation in the optical and eyewear industry.

    I enjoy going to see how much technology has changed year after year, as well as the ability to meet with all the vendors simultaneously and mingle with fellow professionals in the field. This allows for inspiration in improving our practice and bringing the best options in eye care to our patients.

    It’s great to see everyone, and I enjoy expanding my knowledge with first hand experience testing new products.

  27. Kourosh Zakeri says:

    I’ve never been and would really appreciate the opportunity to experience it. As an optometry student and optician, I would really gain so much from the experience and plan to share it with my friends and colleagues.

  28. Jackie Li says:

    I have been selling glasses in my country, Taiwan, for fifteen years. I have always wanted to see the world-class expo and broaden my horizons. Thus, I decided to come to the United States and be part of Vision Expo.