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Guest post by Matt Curtin of AIT:

For over 60 years now AIT has earned the recognition of the eye care industry as a leader in lens edging technology. In 2008 we revolutionized the industry by expanding our product line to include examination equipment and ophthalmic instruments in the first step in an effort to become a one-stop source for everything an eye care professional would need for their practice. Today, AIT has gone a step further with the launch of the AIT Lens Club. The AIT Lens Club is a revolutionary concept where an eyecare practitioner can leverage lens purchases and premium add-ons such as free form digital surfacing or AR coats to help pay for the maintenance and upgrades of their finishing lab equipment.


Below are some features and benefits of the program.

Opti-Points program that can be redeemed for the following products and services:

  • Extended warranty and maintenance plan for your patternless edger
  • AIT service, spare parts and patternless edger consumables
  • New optical and ophthalmic equipment purchases from AIT
  • To buy more lenses through AIT Lens Club
  • For customer lens warranties
  • For edging services from DL Eagle our full service lab partner in the event of an equipment breakdown
  • Our new innovative Trace and Go on the Web Program

Robust lens selection from nearly every major lens manufacturer including:

  • Essilorhoya lens
  • Hoya
  • Seiko
  • Shamir
  • Somo
  • Zeiss
  • + Many More!

 Latest Technology with Digital Free Form lenses

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