Briot Launches New Technology

AttitudeCumming, GA: Briot USA, a brand of the Luneau Technology Group is pleased to announce the launch of the Attitude, a new edging system that unveils advanced new technology with features geared towards increasing ease of use and broadening the scope of capabilities for opticians. Key new features include state of the art tracing technology, faster centering and blocking, a new motor capable of maximum speed with minimal noise, simplified drilling administration and shape modification, a color coded data input system to minimize errors, and the addition of patented Shack-Hartmann wavefront power mapping technology.

The TrueScan technology featured in the Attitude is a step above anything previously brought to market not only by Briot, but by any competitors. This technology makes tracing faster, works with less pressure on the frame, and also features a unique “Goose-Neck” Stylus principle which enables perpendicular-frame-to-groove tracing during the entire tracing cycle, regardless of the frame base curve.

The Briot Attitude also combines a powerful high definition optical tracing technology along with the ability to manually trace frames. Powered by Gravi Tech® Technology, the Attitude combines a rotating diffuse reflecting plate with a high speed camera and savvy engineering resulting in the best possible contouring of your shapes and drill holes.

The high speed processor used for image analysis makes the shape capture process incredibly fast regardless of the complexity of the contour. The high resolution camera is also able to detect the hidden laser marks on lenses. This enables the user to see whether the printing on the lens is accurate and review the add power of the lens and other data, such as lens design. Lastly, the user will be able to easily detect scratches or lens defects that are hard to detect with the eye by using the “zoom” feature.

The Briot Attitude also features a high speed automated blocking process. The fully parallax free centering process takes only seconds. Opticians can expect the combined centering and blocking process to take no longer than 30 seconds which results in the ability to prepare up to 60 jobs per hour.

The highlight of the Attitude is the use of Wavefront Technology based on a Shack-Hartmann Sensor. This fast and patented power mapping measurement delivers important information about a lens that has never before been seen in finishing. By touching the screen on any given point of the lens, you are able to see the measured power, and even overlay the final lens shape over the wavefront based powermap of the lens ensuring the best optics and functionality for your customer.

As the industry leading innovator in edging technology, the launch of the Briot Attitude signifies a new era in high end finishing. For more information about this system, please visit Booth LP 5087 at Vision Expo West, or contact us at (800) 292-7468 or

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