FastGrind Shipped to the U.S. Military across the World

Cincinnati, OH – October 2017 – Super Optical International has completed another shipment to the U.S. Military this year. FastGrind is utilized around the world by the U.S. Military to produce eyewear for our troops, as well as for humanitarian purposes. Super Optical is proud to offer its equipment to these men and women. They appreciate the continued support and trust in the FastGrind equipment by the U.S. Military, and look forward to servicing them again in 2018.

The system, and all its accessories, are packed in custom designed crates made specifically for the U.S. Military. This makes portability very simple, which allows for them to move FastGrind from location to location with ease. Super Optical also designed a water recirculation system to enable FastGrind to be used in remote locations when tap water may not be readily available. All Military orders are carefully hand packed and prepared in FastGrind’s Cincinnati facility.

Super Optical has strived to create a system, like FastGrind, that is not only small and fast, but simple to use and affordable for anyone. FastGrind’s versatility is what sets them apart from other systems on the market. With over 90 years of experience in the optical industry and 25 years of proven technology with FastGrind, Super Optical is the leader for in-office lens surfacing.

Designed for the independent optical, FastGrind eliminates costly lab bills and provides the opportunity to offer exceptional customer service to patients with same day service. Visit today for more information.

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