$6.2 Million for A Bottle of Booze

I think I am on a roll this week on the subject of Luxury is selling. Probably because I was on Optiboard and an office made a $ 16,000 sale of  custom Maybach Frame. (Congrats)

My wife just sold a Maybach frame with 1.5 carats of diamonds on it for RX and a plano to go; total $16,988.
I have only had the frame less than one week!
Made our day and week!

Then some guy, made a comment about excess and how could he sleep!  Well the rich are different, ergo $6.2 million for a Bottle of booze


The Isabella Original retails for £3.8 million ($6.2 million), and flaunts over 8500 diamonds, almost 300 rubies and the equivalent of two bars of white gold all covering a fine English Crystal decanter and the Very Old Single Malt cask strength Islay whisky inside.

Each individual Isabella Islay is handcrafted to the buyer’s liking. Also available is the Isabella Special Edition, which retails for £450,000 ($740,000), and boasts the finest British craftsmanship in Crystal, White Gold and diamond lettering.

Ruwa – The world’s first luxury Halal beverage

The Ruwa is the most expensive non-alcoholic and Halal beverage in the world. The Ruwa Original retails for £3.4 million ($5.5 million), and it has over 8000 diamonds, almost 200 rubies and the equivalent of two bars of white gold all covering a fine English Crystal decanter and of course the exceptional Ruwa non alcoholic Halal beverage inside, which is also available in refills.

Source: Born Rich


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  1. says

    To the guy fortunate enough to be married to the world’s best optical salesperson,
    Who had the cajones to buy an $8,000 wholesale frame? Are you doubling down and buying 2? Very prescient of the buyer.
    We’re selling Maybach and the most expensive Maybach in our places retails for $2,500. And I can barely get the price out without laughing or crying. We have no problem selling $1,000 frames but a Mercedes buyer isn’t a Bentley buyer…I think.
    I’m in awe of my much betters.

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